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Monday, 8 November 2010

Dial 112 for Help

Mia has not written for nearly a year, not due to the lack of drama in her life, on contrary - the last year has possible been the eventful of them all and so on the eve of her first AA meeting, she has decided to get back out there and clear the air.

Highlights (hardly the correct term) of the last year involve
- Her Russian boyfriend who once rescued her from a hit and run accident, turning crazy and cornering her in their bathroom for 45 minutes with a kitchen knife.
- Being offered 1000e for one night of passion with a complete stranger.
- The return of The Womanizer
- Confront herself with the reality that her anemia will always take control of her life
- Burnt herself out by lighting the candle at both ends and nearly had a nervous breakdown.

The next few posts are not for the faint hearted so if you think you can stomach it, pick up your mug of brew and get comfy because its going to be a rocky ride.