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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Shut Up And Let Me Go

Two days after she left his house, she received death threats due to her involvement with him. Everyone knew that they had been seeing each other and when TW had gotten into an argument with BBH, he threatened her by putting a knife to her neck, trying to get a point across to TW. Although she had nothing to do with it, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Having a knife to her neck was the last thing she needed.

In rage, she wrote TW a letter telling him she didn’t need a man like him in her life and he didn’t deserve her. She put it through it this letter box and forgot about it. On New Years Eve, she called him up to see what they were going to do but was told to fuck off and leave him alone. Later that night, TW got into a fight that left him with two broken ribs and a black eye.

A month later, Mia left Barcelona without saying goodbye. She packed her bags, left his clothes on his doorstep and never looked back.

They say out of sight, out of mind don’t they?
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Monday, 27 July 2009

Back to old tricks

TW's new flat was around the corner from his girlfriend's work. He stopped calling Mia or returning her texts, she was going out with his friends all the time but he had told them not to bring her around. On the odd occasion they would see each other, they would satisfy each other and then afterwards he would sit there in guilt. It was obvious that they were in too deep but TW refused to acknowledge it and kept pushing Mia away. Eventually they just stopped seeing each other all together and she started to go out with BBH a lot and partied hard to get TW out of her system. She was now drinking more than ever and consuming every drug that she could get her hand on.

She was convinced that he had told his friends to keep an eye on her and therefore failed to make any sudden appearances on the rebound scene. The weekend before Christmas, Mia and Bambi did acid for the first time and ended up at TW's house. Although she was under the influence, she noticed that TW was horrible to her in front of people and kept telling everyone that he was trying to get rid of her but she would never leave and get out of his life. Up until now, he hadn’t said anything bad against her, to her face or behind her back. She sat there close to tears as he told her that he needed to be a bastard to him so she would forget about him and move on. She accepted what he said and went home.

She was going to back to London for Christmas and the night before she was flying, she ended up at his flat. As they lay in bed, he felt her tight but didn’t say a word. Mia didn’t know what to think anymore, she didn’t know what to do and she didn’t understand him. He said he didn’t want to be with her but he couldn’t tell her she meant nothing to him.

She was in London for a week before a family argument led to her coming back to Barcelona early. She tried calling him but he didn’t answer. In the end, she gave up; she had moved into a new flat and was spending Christmas with people she didn’t know. Late on Christmas Day, BBH called her up and told her to come out for drinks. When she got there, he told her that TW had just left to go home. Mia assumed it was to be with his girlfriend but after an hour, she was told that his girlfriend didn’t want to spend Christmas with him and that he was alone. After a few hours, drinking with BBH and Stoner Boy, she called TW and went over to see him.

She found him sitting alone in this living room, drinking vodka and listening to Michael Buble. They sat up talking about things that happened recently, the night they had all done acid and how things were going. He was telling her about the new girl he was seeing and although Mia was gutted inside, she didn’t want to show it, she told him how she had broken up with Control Freak and decided she was happy being single. The next thing they knew, the clothes were off and they were all over each other. Afterwards they sat there and TW told her that he hated it when they were arguing.

Mia stayed over for the next 3 days; they didn’t sleep together after Christmas Day but watched DVDs, ate and talked about his relationship with his girlfriend. The New Year was approaching soon on them and he had decided it was make it or break it with his girlfriend. BBH came home on the 2nd day and the three of them sat around eating junk food, chilling and watching DVDs.

Mia had missed this...

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Dont You Have A Girlfriend?

Mia had moved in with Bambi who made her realise that she was completely crazy about TW. They both started to go out with Stoner Boy and Boy Band Hunk every night and even though TW never came out, Mia would think of him. One night, after a very messy session, they all went back to the flat. It had been nearly two and a half week since they had last seen each other, the longest they had gone since they met. Mia ignored TW for a while, deciding that he wasn’t worth her time. Eventually they were packed into the bedroom and they tried talking things through. Mia was determined not to give into and jump into bed with him. Things were made more complicated when she had pissed off Alex, the coke dealer they had brought home with them from the club. Before they knew it, the boys had to go to work but told the girls to stay for a bit and chill out.

At 8pm, TW came home to find Mia and Bambi in his bed passed out, he was meant to be having dinner with his girlfriend but instead had come home to drop off a bottle of Vodka for BBH and his friends. Mia cracked the bottle open and was soon very drunk, having not had anything to eat. TW’s girlfriend had called him up screaming demanding to know why he had stood her up and BBH had come home alone. The four of them continued drinking and Mia soon decided that she needed some bedroom action and stood there completely naked apart from a bed sheet covering her ordering TW take her in the bedroom. They say absence really makes the heart fonder and it was definitely the case, for 6 hours they didn’t leave the bedroom and finally passed out at 8am, only to be woken up by TW’s girlfriend calling him saying she wanted to meet him.

The next day, BBH had been in the bar Mia was working in and got very drunk, he went home and put his hand through a table and got into an argument with TW. As Mia was getting into the lift to go up to the boy's flat, she saw TW coming downstairs telling her she wasn’t going up there. As they walked down the street, she wondered where he was going and asked him if he needed to use her phone to call someone. It was half 5 in the morning and she had to find a cab and go home. She couldn’t believe it when he asked if he could stay over. He had a girlfriend who lived down the road and friends all over the city and yet he wanted to stay with her. They went home and fell asleep. The next day when they woke, she thought he would leave but he didn’t. He stayed with her all weekend, turned his phone off and chilled out. People where calling her trying to find out where he was but she just told them she didn’t have a clue. She found it really peculiar how they were calling her and not his girlfriend. On Monday morning, he left her and went home.

She knew he was moving house that week and was hoping that they would talk about what was going on between but things changed like she could never imagine and before she knew it, she had pressed the self-destruct button

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Are we, Arent we?

STOP PRESS: Mia is currently sitting on her balcony, over looking Barcelona's Gran Via. Yes, after a month of umm-ing and aaah-ing, she finally packed her bags and left. She hopes you enjoy her posts while she is here as much as you did while she was in London.
Stoner Boy’s brother had come over from Australia for the week and had planned a massive party. Mia had turned up at the bar to meet the two brothers alongside Boy Band Hunk. The guys treated her like one of the gang and didn’t mention The Womanizer. In the middle of their pub crawl, TW turned up and demanded to know why she was out with his friends. They got into an argument and Mia told him to fuck himself. Deep down inside she knew that he had fallen for her feisty attitude and no bullshit approach. TW disappeared for a few hours, only to reappear when they were at a club. Mia had just met Bambi and was enjoying the company of all of Stoner Boy’s friends. She was drunk and coked up and didn’t care what TW thought and continued to grind with every cute guy in sight and making sure he could see it.

At the end of the night, when they were all sat outside deciding what to do next, she kept getting asking by everyone where TW was. She had no idea and when she went to go find him; she found him sitting in the corner of the club with a friend talking business. She told him that everyone was waiting for him and said goodbye. He told her to go to his flat and that he would be around in a bit but when she got there, the flat was occupied by the boys getting drunk and being loud. She wasn’t in the mood and ended up going home and having a bath. When she got out of the bath, she saw she had a miss call from TW. She called him back and asked what he wanted. He told her to get into a cab and come see him now.

When she got there, she was greeted by Boy Bank Hunk who told her that she should go into the bedroom and talk to TW about their feelings for each other. Still confused by what was going on, she went and sat in bed with him, wondering what BBH was talking about. He asked her what she wanted and whether she wanted to be with him. She wasn’t sure if he was trying to tell her how he felt about her or if he was trying to find out how she was feeling so he could get rid of her. At the end of the conversion, he told her that he was becoming addicted to her and that he wasn’t going to leave his girlfriend and they should stop seeing each other. She left and didn’t see him for another two week in which she tried to forget about him. She had a threesome with two of her friends and still drunk afterwards texted him telling him how much she wished it was him she was fucking rather than someone else.
What she hadnt realised is how much emotion that one text evoked from TW and how she wouldnt stop hearing about it for weeks to come

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Werent we meant to avoid each other?

One night when Mia was meant to be meeting Stoner Boy, she bumped into The Womanizer in the street. They briefly spoke before he insisted that they go into a bar and have a drink. He took her to a place where he told her, he takes his girlfriend and a round of drinks costs €20. The bar was underneath a restaurant and had a very romantic feel to it, at midnight, karaoke started accompanied with a baby piano. At some point, TW left her at the bar, sang a few songs and started to chat up other women in front of her, trying to get a reaction. But Mia being Mia and knowing what men are like ignored him and his advances towards other women. After all, he wasn’t her man was he? He could do whatever he wanted.

While she was in the toilet, TW disappeared and left the bar without telling her. After searching for him, she called his mobile to ask him where he was. He shouted at her, telling her that he hated her because he realised he liked her and he shouldn’t do. She had done again and made the mistake of getting involved with someone who not only had a girlfriend but also couldn’t deal with his own emotions.

Mia should of left things there and then but she didn’t, she ignored the signs and carried on seeing him. One night, he called her up and wanted to come over and see her. He had never been to her flat and she never allowed men over unless she was serious with them. Out of all the men she had been involved with, only Vain Man and The Spartan had been in her home and that was only because she had lived with them.

They spent all night talking in between hours of sex and in the morning Mia woke him up with breakfast in bed. As they sat there in silence, there was a sense of panic between them. Without saying anything to each other, they both knew that they shouldn’t be doing this and when TW’s girlfriend called him, Mia decided that it was over and she would never see him again. When he left her that day, she deleted his number and got on with her day.

How hard could it be to ignore him in the city?

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Stepping Over That Line

The next day, she woke up to find a text from him saying he was sorry. He called her later that day and wanted to see her, she agreed and went over there. Not because she had fallen for him but because she enjoyed the sex and that was all that mattered. They had bonded, both supported the same football team and both were from London. In their own way, they were both had stupidly high opinions of themselves, the banter was immense, the sexual tension was incredible and secretly Mia loved the drama. He was everything she needed after The Spartan.

As time went on, Mia found out about his problems with his girlfriend and felt as his mistress she should make up for his other half’s lacking. She had no intention of being with him and when she was going back to London, she promised him she would keep in touch with him but after all…he’s a Womanizer and wouldn’t remember her.

A month later, when Mia arrived back in Barcelona, she bought a new sim card and texted everyone her new number. Within seconds, TW had texted her back. He wanted to see her and told her to bring some clothes as she was going to be spending the whole day with him. The rest of the afternoon was spent in bed until he had to go to watch England vs Andorra in the Olympic Stadium. He told her that he would call her when he was finished and that she should come over and spend the night with him.

Before Mia had gone back to London, she had bumped into one of TW’s friends Stoner Boy, whom she had kept in touch with. After the match, TW had decided to go straight home but Mia had been invited out by Stoner Boy for a drink. Not seeing in the harm, she decided to go see the boys and finally met TW’s best friend, Boy Band Hunk who had been living in Italy with his girlfriend.

When Mia got to the bar, she was first shocked to see how gorgeous Boy Band Hunk was, for a moment; she thought to herself and questioned whether she had been sleeping with the wrong friend and secondly, she was confused as how everyone knew who she was.

After a few drinks, Mia went back to the flat and looked after TW who hadn’t been feeling well. That night for the first time, they both realised that perhaps they had crossed that invisible line and were heading into bad territory. That night, they didn’t have sex but fell asleep holding each other and in the morning neither of them was in a rush to get out of bed.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Why did I do this again?

Back at the flat, they sat up for hours consuming drugs, drinking and talking. TW (and no surprise here) was relatively quite charming. His stories were incredibly interesting and even though he was ridiculously full of himself, Mia had warmed to him. At 10 am, after hours of talking, Mia gave him her number and went home.

Later that night, when he called and asked her what she was doing, she knew what he had in mind and after 10 months of celibacy with The Spartan, she was at the stage where if she didn’t do something about it now, she never would. She dressed and went to the flat. After a few hours of socialising with TW and his friends, they went off into the bedroom, where Mia found two used condom wrappers on the side table that hadn’t been there in the morning. Giggling to herself, Mia thought nothing of it.

Afterwards Mia passed out thinking the night had been a success…all well until she woke up to find TW hugging her tight, telling her that he loved and missed her. Embarrassed by the situation, Mia kissed him and rolled over. All of a sudden she wasn’t looking forward to the morning.

When morning arrived the mood between them had clearly changed. TW was banging on about having to meet his girlfriend and Mia was keen to get away. Both of them claiming they would contact each other; they left and went their separate ways.

A few days later, he called her again and asked her what she was doing. Having only recently moved to Barcelona, she hadn’t had much time to make new friends and decided to go over. Mia found herself in an awkward situation, whereas in England people didn’t introduce their fuck buddies to their friends, TW was doing exactly that. They carried on seeing each and despite the fact that he had a girlfriend, Mia would go over and spent the night. They would get drunk, hang out with his friends, consume drugs and fall asleep. In the morning they would chill out for a bit and go their separate ways. Then one day, all of a sudden, TW called Mia at half 7 in the morning. Slightly confused as to why he was ringing her so early, she went over there, expecting him to in the mood for some early morning sex but when she got there, she found it wasn’t the case.

He had friends from London over and wanted her to meet them. They sat there for hours talking and hanging out. Mia thought it was very odd behaviour but said nothing about it. She had been spending so much time over there that she did what she pleased, she would go have hour long baths while the boys chatted among themselves, she would cook them dinner, clean the flat and
TW would even leave her asleep in the morning when he needed to go out.

After only 3 weeks of seeing each other, Mia decided to go back to London for The Spartan’s birthday. Even though they had broken up, she wanted to see him as she was really homesick and just needed to see her friends.
The last night Mia and TW spent together, they got into their first argument. One of TW’s friends had come home drunk while she was alone waiting for him and tried to make a move on her. When she knocked him back, he threatened to hit her and made racist remarks and took the piss out of her, laughing at the fact that TW was around the corner on the phone to his girlfriend.

Mia sat in the living room and waited for TW to get back, she didn’t care that he had a girlfriend; she knew this from the beginning and was only using him to get over how she felt about The Spartan but she wasn’t happy about being picked on because of her race.

When TW got back, she told him that unless he did something about it, she would never see him again. He turned around and kicked his friend out, telling him not to come back. Later that night, he told her that there was no room for her in his life and in rage he spoke to her in a way she didn’t appreciate. She left the flat and texted him telling him if he spoke to her like that again, he would feel her wrath. There was no way she was letting another man walk all over her again…no way but then it seems some things never go to plan.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Story of The Womanizer

This story has been written and re-written a number of times. Not because Mia doesn’t know what to write but because Mia doesn’t know at what angle to write it from. At times she wants to write about her desire for a man so misunderstood that many have fail to know him in the same way she does but then she remember something he did to wind her up and the rage inside her is reignited again. Vain Man compared to The Womanizer was nothing. Womanizer really takes the biscuit when it comes to driving Mia crazy, both in the bedroom and outside of it.

Mia met TW when she had been living in Barcelona for only a month. She was extremely homesick, hated her job and her housemate, whom she had made the mistake of sleeping with. One night after a huge argument, she stormed out of the flat and into town. It was a hot summer’s night in the middle of July. She had nowhere to go, she hadn’t made hardly any friends and her only companion in the city was her best friend from college who had moved there the summer before. As she walked to his work, she was stopped by a man who asked her if she was alright. Not being rude and seeing no harm in replying, she said she was fine and smiled. Surprised that she was English, the man invited her over for a drink with his friend. Mia had nothing better to do and agree, wondering to herself why she was doing it.

As she sat down, she realised that his friend was actually a guy she used to work with a few years ago. The three of them ordered drinks and Mia caught up with her friend. TW kept interrupting them and Mia found him really annoying. He kept asking her what contraception she was using and whether she wanted to head back to his flat and let him give her a head massage. As she sat there, she found herself in a very peculiar situation. It turned out that they were sat outside the restaurant where TW’s girlfriend worked; Mia had strong morals on relationships and cheating. She had never got involved with a man who was with someone else and had no intentions of doing so but before she knew it, the boys were making a move and her friend was telling her to go back to TW’s house. He told her that he was going home to meet some friends and would be around in a bit. Mia trusted his man and went along with TW.

As soon as Mia got into a cab with him, she instantly regretted her decision. She was in a new city, where she didn’t speak the language too well, with a man she didn’t know. As he spoke to her, she found herself edging towards the door, when he tried to kiss her, she barely moved. He soon realised how uncomfortable she was and asked her why. She was convinced that he would hit her or possibly rape her if she didn’t listen to him and she asked him if he would raise his hand at a women. His face changed with rage as he told her that men that hit women needed to be killed.

Automatically, she felt a great sigh of relief. As they sat in the cab and made their way to their apartment, she tried to remember where she was, places to look out for in case she needed to make a run and any metro stations nearby.

What she later found out was the complete opposite of what she was expecting.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Mia Goes Abroad

The next morning, Mia left without seeing The Spartan. She felt sick as she got on the plane, not only was she leaving him behind but all her friends, a really good job that she loved and her family, whom she had finally made peace with. Everyone was really proud of her and although some had been hesitant about her going, they had come around to the idea. After 10 years of dreaming, she was about to fulfill her childhood dream and yet there was a sadness inside her, she couldn't control. She was scared about whether she would make new friends, fit into the culture and like her job.

The first few days flew bye, she had her job interview which was an adventure in itself (more on that later) she was hunting for a new apartment and trying to budget €80 for a whole month after spending her last paycheck on bikinis and cute shoes. After three days of being in the city and finally having everything in check, she called The Spartan. He was delighted to hear from her and had been missing her. They spoke for an hour and she told him how home sick she was already, she wanted to see him but knew that neither of them to afford to. The next morning, she woke up to find a text on her phone, saying that he had booked her a flight home so they could spend the weekend together. She spent the rest of the daydreaming and couldn't wait.

Leaving him for the second time was worse than the first time. She went back to Barcelona wondering yet again whether she had made the right move and considered moving back to London. She called him every day even though she couldn't afford to, spending the little money she had to buy bulk packs of pasta. She would spent the weekends alone in her flat while her flat mate was away, wishing The Spartan was with her and what they would do in the city. During the days, she would go to see Gaudi's work and feel the taste of sour lemons as she saw other couples, walking hand in hand. She would take pictures and send them to him, describing the history and what he saw, she would write him long love letters and tell him how much she missed him. She called him and asked if he would move out to Barcelona and be with him but all that changed one night in July when she met The Womanizer.

Soon she would fall into a vicious cycle that couldn't be broken by her or The Spartan and that would destroy her physically, emotionally and mentally.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Guest Blog!

A special treat for all you lovely readers today, I've written a guest blog over on Nic's blog Pinknic's Planet about the impending business meeting I had earlier in the week and how I couldn't sleep in the early hours because of my eyebrows.

I mentioned her a few posts ago where I gave her the honesty scrap award and suggest you go straight over there if you ha vent already done so!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Cant live with him, Cant live without him

The next morning Mia woke up feeling like shit. She laughed at the irony that she couldn't even kill herself properly. She didn't know who to turn to and entered up calling The Spartan. She told him what had happened and within the hour he was around her friend's flat with food, clothes and supplies. That night he held her close while she cried and told her things would be okay. In the morning, he left for work and told her he would call her later.

Mia spent the next two days moving in with her cousin and trying to solve the problems in her life. When she didn't hear from The Spartan for another week, she wondered why. Had she driven him away with all her extra baggage? She called his house but The Spartan's dad kept telling her TS couldn't talk to her. She called his mobile but he wouldn't answer or reply to her texts. After the second day, she gave up and got on with other things she needed to do. She found a job and started to work. Another week later and she texted TS just to see if he was okay and why he was avoiding her. Within seconds, he replied saying sorry and that he was in hospital and had forgotten to text her back. Slightly panicking she called him and asked him what was wrong.

He had been in hospital for 2 weeks, they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him and he had been throwing up blood for 3 days now. He couldn't eat or drink and was on a drip to make sure he wasn't dehydrated. Angry at the fact that he hadn't told her earlier, she insisted on taking the day off work and going to see him. When she got there, she was shocked to see how awful he looked. He had lost a lot of weight and looked really ill. Moments before she had arrived, he had been diagnosed with Glandular Fever, a condition that meant he would spent months in bed trying to fight with his immune system.

TS explained to Mia what it meant and how it would mean he would have to quit his job as he had no energy and would be recovering from it for the next year. She was shocked that it seemed so serious. She told him that no matter what happened, she would be there for him and would look after him even if it meant that she had to quit her job. The next morning, she went to the bank, took all her savings out of her account, got out a loan and moved into a new apartment with The Spartan. She worked from work, between cooking him dinner and looking after him. He spent most of the day and night sleeping, there were times when he was too weak to go to the bathroom and she had to bathe him every evening. She would drive him back to his parents every Friday for the weekend so he could see them and she could get some down time.

For 6 months, she mothered him until he got better and when he felt like he was well enough, he went back to work. As soon as he had the energy to go back to his normal life, he told Mia of his desire to going travelling. He planned to go with his best friend and she couldn't argue with him. Eventually they went back to their normal routine, they were doing everything but fucking and it drove Mia up the wall. She hadn't the fact that they weren't completely intimate with each other. She needed to have sex but couldn't cheat on him, they had agreed to break up every once in a while and go off and get fulfilled by other people but neither of them could do that.

Mia would go out and come home very drunk and force herself onto The Spartan. She didn't just want foreplay, she wanted mad, passionate sex. She wanted him, she needed him. When things didn't work out how she wanted them and she realised that they couldn't have sex, she would start screaming and throwing objects around the flat. She started to hate herself, she couldn't leave him because she knew there was something there, she loved him and wanted him but she hated the fact that they could never be a proper couple.

TS had booked his ticket to Paris for May 1st and as the date approached, Mia found herself torn about her feelings. They spent more time together, she took two weeks off work and they went into London and walked around like tourists, spend hours in bed, watched Red Dwarf and took long baths together.

The night before he left, she got very drunk and went over to his parents house where he was packing. For the first time in their relationship, she told him she loved him and that she would be waiting for him when he got back. He kissed her and held her close. She fell asleep in his arms until he had to get up and go to the airport.

They kept in touch via texts but then they stopped after 2 weeks, Mia tried to calling him but his credit had ran out and she couldn't contact him again. She threw herself into work and tried to forget about him. Then one day, out of the blue, a number that she didn't recognise called her. As she answered, she realised it was The Spartan. He told her that he had missed her and he had been thinking about her all the time. He had been gone three weeks and it seemed like the longest weeks of his life. He was in Barcelona, Spain and loved the city, exactly how Mia said he would. As she listened to his voice, she felt herself being swallowed by the ground when she heard him say he was coming home the next day.

"Did you just say you're coming back tomorrow?"
"Yeah, isn't that great baby? I'll be with you this time tomorrow. I have so much to tell you, I cant wait"
"I thought you weren't coming back for ages. What time is your flight?"
"3pm I land at Heathrow. Why? You don't sound happy baby, whats wrong?"
"I leave London tomorrow at 11am. I'm moving to Barcelona"

And before she could finish the phone cut off, she tried calling the number back but it didn't take incoming calls. She didn't know what to say and cried herself to sleep that night.

Should she stay in London with her man or move to the city she had been dreaming of living in for over 10 years?

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

We can make this work

When The Spartan answered the phone, Mia melted. All the memories of their love affair had come rushing back to her. She pretended she had seen him out recently and told him she didn't want to come over in case he was with Recurring Problem. He told her that they weren't together and that what happened between the three of them had ruined whatever might of happened. Mia told him about Vain Man cheating on her and held back the tears. He asked her where she was living and she replied that she was back at her parents, down the road from his. They planned to meet up in a few hours and see each other. Mia was nervous and spent the next few hours confused as to what she was doing. She needed a distraction from VM but she also knew that she really liked TS and couldn't fuck things up again.

When they met up at The Spot, the place that was exactly equal distances from each other's houses, they held each other and kissed passionately. Hands everywhere, they hardly stopped for air. As they walked to his house, Mia remembered all the things she had liked about him, his smells, his strong arms, his intellect. Eventually when they got inside, they jumped on each other and explored their hungry bodies. Whereas Vain Man rushed everything and was more about the act rather than the foreplay, The Spartan took his time and controlled the situation. Not knowing how she would feel about sleeping with another man so soon after walking out on her husband, she pushed her fears aside and let go.

When the moment came to it, they realised that they had the same problem. Although they were now able to do it, it caused too many issues and The Spartan complained that he was in pain. The angles and movements meant that there were too many positions they couldn't do. As they spooned afterwards, they spoke for the first time about what was going wrong with them. They decided to give it another go and decided with the right amount of time and care, it would be fine. For two months they tried until one day, The Spartan hurt Mia so much that she had to have stitches.

Then one night, Disappointed Dad threatened to kill Mia once again and she lost the plot and called the police. She had him arrested and her whole family turned against her. Within the space of an hour, she was homeless with no where to go. Not able to go to any of her family or seek any help from Vain Man, she slept rough for weeks on her friends couches and floors. She never once told The Spartan about what was going on and tried to get the council to help her but was unsuccessful. Soon, word spread round her extended family about what had happened and she couldn't take the pressure anymore.

As she sat in her friends apartment, she downed 20 Nurofens and a bottle of vodka. She couldn't cope anymore and didn't want to live. After all, she had nothing to live for...

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

The next morning, Mia woke up to 103 missed calls from a private number. She had no idea who had been calling her so much and soon realised it was Recurring Problem, The Spartan's ex girlfriend by the abusive voicemail. She called him and asked him what was going on but he was too frustrated with her to talk things there peacefully. It turned out that while they had stopped seeing each other, he had decided to try and work things out with RP and had bought her a commitment ring. He hadn't told her about Mia and she had no clue who she was, that was until Mia made a funny comment about the size of The Spartan wang, which made RP question who she was. The conclusion of the ordeal was that RP was fuming and wanted to kick Mia's ass.
Mia told The Spartan she was sorry and promised him that she hadn't done it on purpose, she deleted his number and carried on her relationship with Vain Man. She didn't hear from The Spartan again until two months later. It just so happened to be the night that Vain Man had proposed to her while they were out drinking. As an excited Mia texted everyone in her phone book about her shocking engagement, she sat in VM's lap and together they read the congratulating texts together. Apart from one text, which when Mia opened, she realised it was from The Spartan. She tried to hide the phone from VM but it was obvious he had seen it, she had lied to him about sleeping with The Spartan and now his suggestive text had unfolded her secret. She texted The Spartan back and told him to delete her number and never to contact her again, she wanted to prove to VM that they were meant to be together and stopped going out where she knew TS used to hang out.
Mia and The Spartan never bumped into each other and contacted one another again...until the night Mia broke up with VM. Lost, confused and teary eyed, she found his number in her old phone. As the phone rang and she waited for him to answer, she wondered what she was going to say to him.
Was she making a mistake or did she just need comfort?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Spartan vs Vain Man

Over the next two weeks, Mia and The Spartan saw each other every night, neither of them was working and so would sleep all day and then stay up together at night and stare out at the stars. They would take long walks around their town in the cold, holding hands like love sick teenagers, giggling away and eating ice cream. They would lie in bed and listen to chill out music surrounded by tea lights and make out.

For the first time in ages, Mia found herself opening up about her life without feeling awkward. She told him about her Disappointed Dad who had a habit of lashing out at her whenever they got into an argument. He told her how he used to be a nightmare growing up and was homeless for a while when his own dad kicked him out. Mia could tell that he had been troubled in the past but he had clearly got over whatever had happened and it had made him a stronger man because of it. They spoke about their last relationships and he showed her pictures of his ex. She hadn't treated him properly and in the end he had got sick of her and decided to end it.

Mia finally felt she had found her Greek King after all that ordeal with Vain Man. After a month of seeing each other, they slept together for the first time. Although it was obvious that The Spartan had wanted to happen earlier, he hadn’t pushed her into it but when it did happen, it wasn’t as great as they thought it would be and left them questioning why.

They put it down to first time nerves and felt that they would be fine with time but they soon realised that it wasn’t the case. The sexual chemistry between them was electric but they couldn't ignore the fact that physically they weren’t a right fit. Despite this, they continued with relationship as they were already involved emotionally.

Slowly Mia realised that this was a problem they wouldn’t be able to ignore. They soon went from seeing each other every day to only at the weekends. Then one day they just stopped texting each other. Mia started seeing Vain Man again and ended up moving in with him after Disappointed Dad caught them in the act. She continued to keep in touch with The Spartan and would see him out in the local club. On a few occasions, she would invite him home with her but they still had the same problems.

One night when she was out, she saw a girl she thought she recognised. She asked the girl where she knew her from and soon realised that she was The Spartan's ex girlfriend. Slightly under the influence, she asked her how he was and to tell him he had left his watch around her house.

The girl stormed off...Mia didn't know what she had done wrong.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A Break From The Norm

So today, I’m going to break away from the norm and The Story of The Spartan for once second.

A few weeks ago Ana From Fair Away tagged me and gave me honest scrap award. Now, if like me, you regularly have days when you want to bang your head up against the wall and pull your hair out, I suggest you look at her two blogs. The first one, is one of my favourites, called Something GOOD in Everything, is devoted to her positive outlook on life. Its really inspiring and I suggest EVERYONE go have a read. Her second blog is about living in Costa Rica, entitled Costa Rica Very Much which she is now writing with her friend Gaby who is currently living in Sweden. So thank you very much to Ana for this award, which was also given to me again by ShansPLC who writes Word. check it out. The blog is full of short stories like moving back home to your parents and having that feeling of going backwards (which I can relate to!)

"The Honest Scrap award comes with a caveat or two. Firstly, you have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Secondly, you have to tag 10 people with the award. Thirdly, let all the people you've given the award to know that they've gotten it (comment on their blogs or something). And finally, make sure you link back to the person who awarded you."

Well, since I like to mix it up a bit, I'm not going to follow number one exactly. Since this blog is all about confessing about my ridiculous life, I'm going to write ten stories which you will read about very soon. If there's one that sticks out the most and you cant wait to read it, let me know and it will be up straight after we're done with The Spartan

Confession # 1 - The night Country Bumpkin and Mia found their best friend Changing Man's spare house key and used it to have a kinky sex night while he was away visiting his girlfriend in France.

Confession # 2 - The night Mia went to have dinner at the restaurant where her Womanizer's girlfriend worked. She didn't know that she was serving her own boyfriend's mistress.

Confession # 3 - Mia tells her ex-boyfriend Nightclub Crawler, she has HIV and there's a 95% chance he has it too, after she finds out he was cheating on her

Confession # 4 - Mia has Disappointed Dad arrested after he threatens to kill her one night and her whole family disown her

Confession # 5 - Mia and Bambi do Acid together for the first time and have an out of body "Fear and Loathing" style experience

Confession # 6 - Mia's ex boyfriend Traveller Boy pays a toilet attendant to have sex with her

Confession # 7 - Mia gets arrested for "breaking into her house"

Confession # 8 - Disappointed Dad finds Mia's sex toys collection when she moves back into the house

Confession # 9 - Mia and Brighton Boy get caught on camera...in the act...behind a Magistrates Court

Confession # 10 - Mia moves to Barcelona, Spain with only £80 in her pocket

The 10 blogs that I think you should all go read are:

Nic @ *Pinknic's Planet* Nic's blog is pink for one! Its updated daily with pictures of cute boys (shoown!) random musing of her day and discounts of cute shoes.

Alice @ Alice in Blunderland Alice's blog is about her bubbling relationship with her housemate Freddie. Reading it makes me feel like I'm back at school, you know when you fancy someone but you don't want to admit it? That's Alice and Freddie for you!

Trinity Shaw @ Journals Of A Love Crackhead: The Memories of Trinity Shaw Trinity's blog is on the slightly raunchy side. Read about her relationship with men and about her sex life.

Kelly @ PCOS Is Not Me Kelly's blog is about her journey with PCOS and trying to conceive. Its very inspirational and makes you realise how many things you take for granted

Kerianne @ The Lynch Mob Man Keri is getting married soon and has a nightmare douchebag soon to be sister in law who keeps trying to steal all her ideas and causes her major issues! Ive seen pictures and she isn't all that!

The Girl @ The Girl With The Pink Teacup The Girl writes about her relationship with her man and what really bothers her, in the build up to their (soonish) wedding. Her blog is ex-rated and questions what lesbian sex is, whether breast implants are hot and anal sex. Not one for the faint hearted!

Auri @ Mistress Auri Auri writes about pink dildos. I once was reading the said post in my lunch break when my manager came up to me and said talking about some deadline. As soon as he noticed the picture of the pink dildo, he walked away and refused eye contact for the rest of week. Thanks Auri!

Alicia @ Three B's and Me Pictures of her cute kids, wordless Wednesdays and cheery posts. Definitely a blog to read right before bed so you go to bed with a smile on your face.

Tova Darling @ Secret Life of Tova Darling Tova recently moved house and has hilarious posts about her life with her husband. She posts a few times daily so you REALLY know whats going on in her life

Nina @ This is what my book would be called A girl after my own heart, Nina writes about cute guys, recently has FINALLY realised that being single is okay (I'll be soon there with you babe) and somehow always end up in the funniest situations.

Finally a quick shout out to both Nic and Ana from Far Away again. I was Nic's Reader of The Week on Sunday so Thank You very much as I saw a major increase in both followers and subscribers after this and to Ana who made this gorgeous award herself for "This is Sparta"

Thanks to everyone that reads and comments on the blog. I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying my misadventures. I would love to hear your praise (I'm a girl with an ego after all) or hate filled emails. You can contact me on missmiadickinsonATgmailDOTcom.

Next post we're be back in Spartan with The Greek. Until next time. Happy confessions!