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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Werent we meant to avoid each other?

One night when Mia was meant to be meeting Stoner Boy, she bumped into The Womanizer in the street. They briefly spoke before he insisted that they go into a bar and have a drink. He took her to a place where he told her, he takes his girlfriend and a round of drinks costs €20. The bar was underneath a restaurant and had a very romantic feel to it, at midnight, karaoke started accompanied with a baby piano. At some point, TW left her at the bar, sang a few songs and started to chat up other women in front of her, trying to get a reaction. But Mia being Mia and knowing what men are like ignored him and his advances towards other women. After all, he wasn’t her man was he? He could do whatever he wanted.

While she was in the toilet, TW disappeared and left the bar without telling her. After searching for him, she called his mobile to ask him where he was. He shouted at her, telling her that he hated her because he realised he liked her and he shouldn’t do. She had done again and made the mistake of getting involved with someone who not only had a girlfriend but also couldn’t deal with his own emotions.

Mia should of left things there and then but she didn’t, she ignored the signs and carried on seeing him. One night, he called her up and wanted to come over and see her. He had never been to her flat and she never allowed men over unless she was serious with them. Out of all the men she had been involved with, only Vain Man and The Spartan had been in her home and that was only because she had lived with them.

They spent all night talking in between hours of sex and in the morning Mia woke him up with breakfast in bed. As they sat there in silence, there was a sense of panic between them. Without saying anything to each other, they both knew that they shouldn’t be doing this and when TW’s girlfriend called him, Mia decided that it was over and she would never see him again. When he left her that day, she deleted his number and got on with her day.

How hard could it be to ignore him in the city?


ScoMan said...

Based on the last few posts I'm going to guess "Pretty hard to ignore him".. you seem to have a way of running into each other.

As always, looking forward to seeing what happens next. You have me hooked.

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoiying this. Looking forward to the next post!

Mia Dickinson said...

@ScoMan - I think the only way to avoid him would be to either a)get rid of him somewhere or b)skip town.
Thank you lovie! Maybe I can inspire you to start writing again?

@Angie - Thanks hun. Glad you enjoy my writing

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm guessing he's not the kind of man who allows woman he's interested in to ignore him. He makes them choose between getting out of town or calling the cops.

Ms. Salti said...

Hmm... sounds like Mia has a predicament on her hands, no? I'm saying stay away from him, or you'll only get hurt!

Ms. Salti said...

Or, use him until he can't be used anymore!

Auri said...

Do you bump into everyone you know at the bar?

Mia Dickinson said...

@GB - No, hes one of those men that likes to thibnk hes in control but really isnt. I think the cops would of been the best option!

@Ms Salti - I like the idea of using and abusing although with men like him, it doesnt really work because they dont understand the concept! Its normally what they want in the first place

@Auri - No but we did bump into Thierry Henry (French football player, v.v.cute. Google him!)