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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Are we, Arent we?

STOP PRESS: Mia is currently sitting on her balcony, over looking Barcelona's Gran Via. Yes, after a month of umm-ing and aaah-ing, she finally packed her bags and left. She hopes you enjoy her posts while she is here as much as you did while she was in London.
Stoner Boy’s brother had come over from Australia for the week and had planned a massive party. Mia had turned up at the bar to meet the two brothers alongside Boy Band Hunk. The guys treated her like one of the gang and didn’t mention The Womanizer. In the middle of their pub crawl, TW turned up and demanded to know why she was out with his friends. They got into an argument and Mia told him to fuck himself. Deep down inside she knew that he had fallen for her feisty attitude and no bullshit approach. TW disappeared for a few hours, only to reappear when they were at a club. Mia had just met Bambi and was enjoying the company of all of Stoner Boy’s friends. She was drunk and coked up and didn’t care what TW thought and continued to grind with every cute guy in sight and making sure he could see it.

At the end of the night, when they were all sat outside deciding what to do next, she kept getting asking by everyone where TW was. She had no idea and when she went to go find him; she found him sitting in the corner of the club with a friend talking business. She told him that everyone was waiting for him and said goodbye. He told her to go to his flat and that he would be around in a bit but when she got there, the flat was occupied by the boys getting drunk and being loud. She wasn’t in the mood and ended up going home and having a bath. When she got out of the bath, she saw she had a miss call from TW. She called him back and asked what he wanted. He told her to get into a cab and come see him now.

When she got there, she was greeted by Boy Bank Hunk who told her that she should go into the bedroom and talk to TW about their feelings for each other. Still confused by what was going on, she went and sat in bed with him, wondering what BBH was talking about. He asked her what she wanted and whether she wanted to be with him. She wasn’t sure if he was trying to tell her how he felt about her or if he was trying to find out how she was feeling so he could get rid of her. At the end of the conversion, he told her that he was becoming addicted to her and that he wasn’t going to leave his girlfriend and they should stop seeing each other. She left and didn’t see him for another two week in which she tried to forget about him. She had a threesome with two of her friends and still drunk afterwards texted him telling him how much she wished it was him she was fucking rather than someone else.
What she hadnt realised is how much emotion that one text evoked from TW and how she wouldnt stop hearing about it for weeks to come


Ms. Salti said...

I don't know how you deal with it all, woman! Keep us updated!

Gorilla Bananas said...

So thinking of him while fucking someone else was the ultimate romantic gesture for the womanizer? What a fellow!

ScoMan said...

Another fantastic post through the journey that is your life.

Mia Dickinson said...

@Ms Salti - neither do babe. Seriously, I know how to pick them dont I?

@GB - hes a womanizer, he doesnt do romance remember...

@ScoMan - thanks love :)