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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Dont You Have A Girlfriend?

Mia had moved in with Bambi who made her realise that she was completely crazy about TW. They both started to go out with Stoner Boy and Boy Band Hunk every night and even though TW never came out, Mia would think of him. One night, after a very messy session, they all went back to the flat. It had been nearly two and a half week since they had last seen each other, the longest they had gone since they met. Mia ignored TW for a while, deciding that he wasn’t worth her time. Eventually they were packed into the bedroom and they tried talking things through. Mia was determined not to give into and jump into bed with him. Things were made more complicated when she had pissed off Alex, the coke dealer they had brought home with them from the club. Before they knew it, the boys had to go to work but told the girls to stay for a bit and chill out.

At 8pm, TW came home to find Mia and Bambi in his bed passed out, he was meant to be having dinner with his girlfriend but instead had come home to drop off a bottle of Vodka for BBH and his friends. Mia cracked the bottle open and was soon very drunk, having not had anything to eat. TW’s girlfriend had called him up screaming demanding to know why he had stood her up and BBH had come home alone. The four of them continued drinking and Mia soon decided that she needed some bedroom action and stood there completely naked apart from a bed sheet covering her ordering TW take her in the bedroom. They say absence really makes the heart fonder and it was definitely the case, for 6 hours they didn’t leave the bedroom and finally passed out at 8am, only to be woken up by TW’s girlfriend calling him saying she wanted to meet him.

The next day, BBH had been in the bar Mia was working in and got very drunk, he went home and put his hand through a table and got into an argument with TW. As Mia was getting into the lift to go up to the boy's flat, she saw TW coming downstairs telling her she wasn’t going up there. As they walked down the street, she wondered where he was going and asked him if he needed to use her phone to call someone. It was half 5 in the morning and she had to find a cab and go home. She couldn’t believe it when he asked if he could stay over. He had a girlfriend who lived down the road and friends all over the city and yet he wanted to stay with her. They went home and fell asleep. The next day when they woke, she thought he would leave but he didn’t. He stayed with her all weekend, turned his phone off and chilled out. People where calling her trying to find out where he was but she just told them she didn’t have a clue. She found it really peculiar how they were calling her and not his girlfriend. On Monday morning, he left her and went home.

She knew he was moving house that week and was hoping that they would talk about what was going on between but things changed like she could never imagine and before she knew it, she had pressed the self-destruct button


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ScoMan said...

I've never had these sorts of adventures in my life, so it's interesting to read about them through the eyes of someone who has.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I think I'm going to need a pencil and paper to remind me who has slept with whom.

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying this. For the sheer reason that I've gone thru something like this

Auri said...

Standing there naked and demanding sex... right on woman!! I love it=)

Mia Dickinson said...

@ScoMan - Im thinking to cut down on the drama but then realised that it would pointless writing this blog

@GB - Ive already done it, would you like me to email it to you?

@Angie - I think every woman at one point or another will go through this

@Auri - I think every the TW was shocked. Oh well. Sometimes it NEEDS to be done!