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Monday, 27 July 2009

Back to old tricks

TW's new flat was around the corner from his girlfriend's work. He stopped calling Mia or returning her texts, she was going out with his friends all the time but he had told them not to bring her around. On the odd occasion they would see each other, they would satisfy each other and then afterwards he would sit there in guilt. It was obvious that they were in too deep but TW refused to acknowledge it and kept pushing Mia away. Eventually they just stopped seeing each other all together and she started to go out with BBH a lot and partied hard to get TW out of her system. She was now drinking more than ever and consuming every drug that she could get her hand on.

She was convinced that he had told his friends to keep an eye on her and therefore failed to make any sudden appearances on the rebound scene. The weekend before Christmas, Mia and Bambi did acid for the first time and ended up at TW's house. Although she was under the influence, she noticed that TW was horrible to her in front of people and kept telling everyone that he was trying to get rid of her but she would never leave and get out of his life. Up until now, he hadn’t said anything bad against her, to her face or behind her back. She sat there close to tears as he told her that he needed to be a bastard to him so she would forget about him and move on. She accepted what he said and went home.

She was going to back to London for Christmas and the night before she was flying, she ended up at his flat. As they lay in bed, he felt her tight but didn’t say a word. Mia didn’t know what to think anymore, she didn’t know what to do and she didn’t understand him. He said he didn’t want to be with her but he couldn’t tell her she meant nothing to him.

She was in London for a week before a family argument led to her coming back to Barcelona early. She tried calling him but he didn’t answer. In the end, she gave up; she had moved into a new flat and was spending Christmas with people she didn’t know. Late on Christmas Day, BBH called her up and told her to come out for drinks. When she got there, he told her that TW had just left to go home. Mia assumed it was to be with his girlfriend but after an hour, she was told that his girlfriend didn’t want to spend Christmas with him and that he was alone. After a few hours, drinking with BBH and Stoner Boy, she called TW and went over to see him.

She found him sitting alone in this living room, drinking vodka and listening to Michael Buble. They sat up talking about things that happened recently, the night they had all done acid and how things were going. He was telling her about the new girl he was seeing and although Mia was gutted inside, she didn’t want to show it, she told him how she had broken up with Control Freak and decided she was happy being single. The next thing they knew, the clothes were off and they were all over each other. Afterwards they sat there and TW told her that he hated it when they were arguing.

Mia stayed over for the next 3 days; they didn’t sleep together after Christmas Day but watched DVDs, ate and talked about his relationship with his girlfriend. The New Year was approaching soon on them and he had decided it was make it or break it with his girlfriend. BBH came home on the 2nd day and the three of them sat around eating junk food, chilling and watching DVDs.

Mia had missed this...


Catt said...

To be honest TW needs to get his shit together. He cant keep stringing his GF along and you also. Clearly he does have feelings for you but it seems hes scared to accept how he is/has fallen for you...

its always a bonus when a chick gets on with the mates.

you need to stop being sucked in all the time by TW... he needs to be with you or not at all. its not good for you... but then again, you can just hang out with him like mates there's no emotional connection there........ so i dont know.... dont get hurt xoxo

sabrina said...

Arrrggghhhh some men are just pathetic excuses for human beings la!!!!

Such weak creatures!

Auri said...

remind me again... you aren't still involved with TW at all are you? Please say no, please say no, please say no...

Anonymous said...

This guy was a messed up jerk.

Mia Dickinson said...

@Cat - How I wish someone had given me that advice 9 months ago when I was still caught up in this shit. You hit the nail on the head, I think he just didnt want to admit how he felt and didnt know what to do. The sad thing is, we were pretty good friends at one point and had tons of common and I think thats what made us like each other even more. At the time I thought I could be friends with him but in reality I couldnt.

@Sabrina - Yes indeed love. Sad cases.

@Auri - No, Im not involved with TW at the moment but the plot does thicken...

@Angie - Was implies past tense, he still is