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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Walking out on her life

Mia left with Vain Man. She had no money, no clothes and nowhere to go. She called Angry Man who just called her a whore and said if her dad didn't killed her, she would do it herself.

VM said she could stay at his. He felt it was all his fault and couldn't stop worrying that he had ruined her life. He had been out with many Asian girls before whom had strict parents but he had never been near their houses or been caught in the act.

As they walked down his road, Mia knew what was coming next, she had to meet his family, something she had successfully managed to avoid to do before and was amusing at timing for formal introductions.

They walked through the door and VM went to make them some tea. He led her into the living room where his mother was watching TV.

"Mum, this is Mia. We're got a little bit of a problem and we don't know what to do"

He looked at Mia. "Do you want me to tell her?" She looked away and wiped her tears.

"Tell me what? You're not pregnant are you?"

Mia nodded at VM and he explained the whole situation to his mother.

His mother, handed Mia a tissue, hugged her and told her she was welcome in their house anytime. Many months later, his mother admitted that she was disappointed that Mia hadn't been pregnant. Something that Mia found both intriguing and disturbing.

The next day, while her family were at her cousins wedding, she packed all her belongings and moved out. Borrowing money from his parents, they moved into a small apartment ready to start their new life.

Several months later and it was the week before Christmas. Mia had settled into her new life and spent most of her waking hours with VM. She still didn't know where they stood but she was apart of the family now.

Whenever they would have "The Talk" VM would explain to her that he felt stronger feelings for her than a friend but not as strongly enough to be his girlfriend. Mia had been told by his mother that he did want to be with her, he was scared of being hurt and would eventually come round.

The day before Christmas Eve, Mia feel asleep in VM's bedroom at his parents house. She was exhausted from working long hours. When she got woke up, she undressed and texted VM telling him to come upstairs. Seconds later, she heard his phone beep under the bed.

She went to delete the text she had just sent him and when she saw Slutty Bitch's name into his inbox, she read what was it said and immediately put her clothes back on. It confirmed what she had thought all along. That good for nothing bastard had been sleeping with her behind Mia's back.

She stormed out his parents house and called the land line.
"We're done. Come pick up your shit in an hour and get the fuck out of my life"
VM had already put her thorough too much and now it was Christmas and she would be spending it alone.
What a brilliant way to end the year...


Ana from far away! said...

Well done... It's tough to do that, but sometimes is necessary

Gorilla Bananas said...

Vain Man's mum must have really liked you. Maybe VM should have moved out instead of you, it was about time he got his own place.

Rachel Noy said...

A Christmas alone is better than a Christmas with a wanker. x

Anonymous said...

I have read a few of these...and one thing I will say...is that this doesnt seem to conform to ANY other writting I have glanced upon...I would say that Mia you seem to be a voice for a generation...and whatever decisions you make in life...whatever happens...one thing is for sure...you are a brilliant writter...unconventionally honest and it is sharply executed...and one thing you have proven in other work as well...words are powerful when used correctly...I have, to this day never really understood why people follow blogs...but you have now made me a 'blog follower'...However one question...do you think Mia that VM will always be a part of your life? or will Mia one day walk away?

Ana from far away! said...

I tagged you!

Auri said...

Goodbye VM! Amen, he's a wanker! Mia lovely, you're worth more than you know. Time to allow one of the many brilliant, kind, attentive men that are still out there to find you and love you along with all of your quirks=) Which I'm sure are few and far between;)

kara said...

rule 1: never move in with a douchebag.

we all have to learn that one the hard way.

Mia Dickinson said...

@Ana - Couldnt of said it better myself but when youre in the moment, you dont really look at it from the inside. x p.s. Thank you for my first award!

@GB - Funnily enough she did mention it a few times, I think at the end of it she was sick of having a douchebag for a son who was constantly ponching off her.

@Rachel - I wish I had spent that Christmas alone...for the last 3 years Ive spent it with wankers

@Anon - Thanks whoever you are. Glad my writing has inspired someone to read blogs more often. As for your question, I dont think VM will be making any appearances in Mia's life anytime soon as she burnt him out pretty bad

@Auri - If you find one, can you send me my way please? I think Im seriously lacking in the kind, loving, sensitive type. Where are all the good men hiding these days?

@Kara - Rule 2: Never marry a douchebag. lol

Anonymous said...

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