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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Vain Man fights back...and fails

To Vain Man,

I think it is highly amusing that you feel the need to bitch, whine and moan about the fact that I have written our story in my blog. If you hadn’t of been such an arsehole who actually spent more time being a loving, caring boyfriend rather than a drunkard, two timing, lying, cheating douchebag, I wouldn’t of felt the need to discuss your shortcomings. However, you decided to constantly to go about your own Vain ways and not care about our relationship.

Clearly you do not have a leg to stand on since you were the one that firstly tried to get some form of commitment out of me to deter me from seeing/sleeping with other guys and THEN decided to go shag Slutty Bitch behind my back. I suggest you stop being such a prat and enjoy the fact that you haven’t been named and shamed the way you should have been.

Thank you for treating me like shit and making me realize that men like you aren’t worth the time/money/hassle. Since we broke up, I have become the ultimate sex vixen/won the lottery/moved to Spain where the men (and women) adored my exotic looks/written a fantastic blog which attracts readers from all across the globe who love and adore me the way I should be.

Hope your hair falls out and you suffer from major sunburn this summer that makes it unbearable for you to sleep properly.

Mia (No kisses you don’t deserve them)
Vain Man's Response

Mia is not who she says she is in this blog. The truth is she made me life a living hell, she didn’t let me have any space and was constantly there whenever I wanted to be alone. I told her so many times that I couldn’t and wouldn’t commit to her but she never really got the answer and moved on.

When I got back from travelling, I start to have feelings for her but was still in love with my ex girlfriend whom I was hoping to get back together with but “Mia doing what she does best”, persuaded me that I should be with her. We lived together for a while because I got her kicked out of her house and for a few months enjoyed being with her but then it all got a bit too much. I married her because I felt like it was something that had to be done, I was being pressured from both sides of our families and soon realized it was a mistake.

She drove me to cheat on her by relentlessly belittling me and making me feel like a small man, something she has obviously continue to do many years after we have broken up.

It’s clear to see for yourself that she still is in love with me and hasn’t moved on. I hope one day she moves on and finds someone in her life that can put up with the amount of crazy she puts out.

The only good memories I have of my time with Mia is when she finally gave up on us and left me. I have since met someone who truly makes me happy and understands me. My girlfriend is more stable, saner and in control of her life and knows how to treat a man properly.

I think Mia needs some serious help before she hurts herself and others, she is a car crash waiting for happen and I often worry that one day I will see her picture in the local newspaper under the heading “Local Crazy Girl Kills Herself And 5 Others”

Vain Man
Mia would like to thank all the readers that took out the time from their busy schedules to write to her. The winner has asked to be anonomous but will be sent out a goody bag from Lush.com shortly.
Does anyone else think Vain Man's lost the plot a bit and is still stuck in his own world?


Anonymous said...

First of all...I find it insulting when a 'man' says a woman drives a man to cheat...try lack of spine. Mia...nice response...I think you've hit a nerve..as he has replied (poorly)...but a reply none the same...Mia I dont know what your current situation is but I hope you ind a man who has a bit of spine...and quite possibly a better grasp of grammer. I'll look forawrd to the next installment.

Allison said...

Hey Darling, I'm sorry you've been so hurt. Nobody wants to go through that. Good luck and keep us updated on your newest dates!

Auri said...

Relationships are a tricky thing but it is always, ultimately, the decision of one person to step out on that relationship. Sometimes we are mean, we say things that are uncalled for and untrue but that's when we sit down and communicate. It's easier said than done. And we usually make mistakes first. If this reads as someone who may have been there... so be it. But I understand it's not always good vs. evil. With that said, I still stand by what I've told you Mia. You are obviously intelligent. You have a wonderful ability to draw people to you. And though he may not feel you have moved on I think you've used your blog as a very healthy way to release all of the shit that's been in there for a while. Now time to go out there and right a fab book and win all sorts of fab awards=) Brava!

Pesto Sauce said...

Hey been here first time.....your blog is different, somewhat unique

Gorilla Bananas said...

I am amazed and know not what to say! (Shakespeare)

Has anything like this ever appeared in a blog before? It is wonderful that you let VM have his say, Mia. I hope he feels a little less small now. :)

Mia Dickinson said...

@Anon - Are you the same Anon from the last post? Thank you very much for your kind words. I am currently single and enjoying every second of it. Im planning spending my time wisely on a few possible candidates to be my next "victim" all of whom are not vain. xo

@Allison - I wish I could say I learnt but bad habits die hard! I will learn one of these days. I promise. xo

@Auri - Can I please have your number so I can call you in the middle of the night when I cant sleep because VM isnt here to hug me? Blogger is easier than years of therapy. I do think he needs a reality check however, this blog is meant to be entertainment and I dont think he has grasped the idea. But you are completely right, every story has its two sides xo

@Pesto Sauce - Thank you. Im glad you enjoyed it and I hope to see you on here again xo

@GB - You must of really enjoyed this one to be quoting Shakespeare. I hoping now hes had his say, he will disappear to the ditch I left him in and never reappear! xo

Oonagh said...

Mia - Go Girl!

His response is a non response; interestingly VM does not contradict you, rather he corroborates the fact that he is immature and avoids accepting any level of responsibility - and that is just in his prose!!

Bonne chance ma biche!!