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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Cant live with him, Cant live without him

The next morning Mia woke up feeling like shit. She laughed at the irony that she couldn't even kill herself properly. She didn't know who to turn to and entered up calling The Spartan. She told him what had happened and within the hour he was around her friend's flat with food, clothes and supplies. That night he held her close while she cried and told her things would be okay. In the morning, he left for work and told her he would call her later.

Mia spent the next two days moving in with her cousin and trying to solve the problems in her life. When she didn't hear from The Spartan for another week, she wondered why. Had she driven him away with all her extra baggage? She called his house but The Spartan's dad kept telling her TS couldn't talk to her. She called his mobile but he wouldn't answer or reply to her texts. After the second day, she gave up and got on with other things she needed to do. She found a job and started to work. Another week later and she texted TS just to see if he was okay and why he was avoiding her. Within seconds, he replied saying sorry and that he was in hospital and had forgotten to text her back. Slightly panicking she called him and asked him what was wrong.

He had been in hospital for 2 weeks, they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him and he had been throwing up blood for 3 days now. He couldn't eat or drink and was on a drip to make sure he wasn't dehydrated. Angry at the fact that he hadn't told her earlier, she insisted on taking the day off work and going to see him. When she got there, she was shocked to see how awful he looked. He had lost a lot of weight and looked really ill. Moments before she had arrived, he had been diagnosed with Glandular Fever, a condition that meant he would spent months in bed trying to fight with his immune system.

TS explained to Mia what it meant and how it would mean he would have to quit his job as he had no energy and would be recovering from it for the next year. She was shocked that it seemed so serious. She told him that no matter what happened, she would be there for him and would look after him even if it meant that she had to quit her job. The next morning, she went to the bank, took all her savings out of her account, got out a loan and moved into a new apartment with The Spartan. She worked from work, between cooking him dinner and looking after him. He spent most of the day and night sleeping, there were times when he was too weak to go to the bathroom and she had to bathe him every evening. She would drive him back to his parents every Friday for the weekend so he could see them and she could get some down time.

For 6 months, she mothered him until he got better and when he felt like he was well enough, he went back to work. As soon as he had the energy to go back to his normal life, he told Mia of his desire to going travelling. He planned to go with his best friend and she couldn't argue with him. Eventually they went back to their normal routine, they were doing everything but fucking and it drove Mia up the wall. She hadn't the fact that they weren't completely intimate with each other. She needed to have sex but couldn't cheat on him, they had agreed to break up every once in a while and go off and get fulfilled by other people but neither of them could do that.

Mia would go out and come home very drunk and force herself onto The Spartan. She didn't just want foreplay, she wanted mad, passionate sex. She wanted him, she needed him. When things didn't work out how she wanted them and she realised that they couldn't have sex, she would start screaming and throwing objects around the flat. She started to hate herself, she couldn't leave him because she knew there was something there, she loved him and wanted him but she hated the fact that they could never be a proper couple.

TS had booked his ticket to Paris for May 1st and as the date approached, Mia found herself torn about her feelings. They spent more time together, she took two weeks off work and they went into London and walked around like tourists, spend hours in bed, watched Red Dwarf and took long baths together.

The night before he left, she got very drunk and went over to his parents house where he was packing. For the first time in their relationship, she told him she loved him and that she would be waiting for him when he got back. He kissed her and held her close. She fell asleep in his arms until he had to get up and go to the airport.

They kept in touch via texts but then they stopped after 2 weeks, Mia tried to calling him but his credit had ran out and she couldn't contact him again. She threw herself into work and tried to forget about him. Then one day, out of the blue, a number that she didn't recognise called her. As she answered, she realised it was The Spartan. He told her that he had missed her and he had been thinking about her all the time. He had been gone three weeks and it seemed like the longest weeks of his life. He was in Barcelona, Spain and loved the city, exactly how Mia said he would. As she listened to his voice, she felt herself being swallowed by the ground when she heard him say he was coming home the next day.

"Did you just say you're coming back tomorrow?"
"Yeah, isn't that great baby? I'll be with you this time tomorrow. I have so much to tell you, I cant wait"
"I thought you weren't coming back for ages. What time is your flight?"
"3pm I land at Heathrow. Why? You don't sound happy baby, whats wrong?"
"I leave London tomorrow at 11am. I'm moving to Barcelona"

And before she could finish the phone cut off, she tried calling the number back but it didn't take incoming calls. She didn't know what to say and cried herself to sleep that night.

Should she stay in London with her man or move to the city she had been dreaming of living in for over 10 years?


Ana from far away! said...

oh Lord... I don't even know what to say!!! London vs. Barcelona...!!! awesome cities. Can't you go to Barcelona with the Spartan?

Gorilla Bananas said...

This is a real Greek tragedy. The Spartan should have got a normal sized strap-on and gone with you to Barcelona.

Anonymous said...

awww...wht happns next?!
update ur blog soon !

Mia Dickinson said...

@Ana - We never had a chance to talk about it. I was leaving before he was coming back and neither of us could dely our flights.

@GN - Surely the purpose of a strap on is to enhance the lacking quality whereas The Spartan need to be brought down a peg or two!

@Ivy - Usually post every other day my love, patience is a virtue but I understand, I hating waiting too. Glad it has you sitting at the edge of the seat :)

Nic said...

Wow, that's so intense!

EmmaK said...

Of course she should have cut herself loose from the Spartan made a clean break no contact. The sex was all wrong but to me it was somehow also a symptom of something that was askew in the relationship. I suppose you realized that sometimes love affairs are a kind of sickness and the only cure is to cut yourself off from the sickness.

Mia Dickinson said...

@Nic - Im glad the sex wasnt amazing otherwise God knows what I would of done.

@EmmaK - If you think he was bad, wait til you met whom I met straight after him. It all went downhill from there really!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Enjoyed your guest post over at Nic's so I thought I'd drop in... now I want the next installment too ;)

Auri said...

I'm behind... I apparently have some reading to do!! naughty me!

Mia Dickinson said...

@Rachel - Thank you for dropping by! Next installment will be out soon promise.

@Auri - Thats the second time this month, you have two options. You can either sit on the naughty step or be spanked! Choice is yours x

Nicole said...

OH man! Good post! I came over here from Nic's page, I'm going to have to get caught up and find out what's up with this Spartan guy! haha. :)

Mia Dickinson said...

@Nicole - Glad you enjoyed it babe. Wait until you hear about the next guy. DRAMA ALERT!

Rachel Noy said...

Oooh, drama!

Go to Barcelona, then he can come visit.

Mia Dickinson said...

@Rachel Noy - Thats like putting a girl on a diet and letting her loose in a bakery. Can you imagine the amount of hot men over there?