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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

We can make this work

When The Spartan answered the phone, Mia melted. All the memories of their love affair had come rushing back to her. She pretended she had seen him out recently and told him she didn't want to come over in case he was with Recurring Problem. He told her that they weren't together and that what happened between the three of them had ruined whatever might of happened. Mia told him about Vain Man cheating on her and held back the tears. He asked her where she was living and she replied that she was back at her parents, down the road from his. They planned to meet up in a few hours and see each other. Mia was nervous and spent the next few hours confused as to what she was doing. She needed a distraction from VM but she also knew that she really liked TS and couldn't fuck things up again.

When they met up at The Spot, the place that was exactly equal distances from each other's houses, they held each other and kissed passionately. Hands everywhere, they hardly stopped for air. As they walked to his house, Mia remembered all the things she had liked about him, his smells, his strong arms, his intellect. Eventually when they got inside, they jumped on each other and explored their hungry bodies. Whereas Vain Man rushed everything and was more about the act rather than the foreplay, The Spartan took his time and controlled the situation. Not knowing how she would feel about sleeping with another man so soon after walking out on her husband, she pushed her fears aside and let go.

When the moment came to it, they realised that they had the same problem. Although they were now able to do it, it caused too many issues and The Spartan complained that he was in pain. The angles and movements meant that there were too many positions they couldn't do. As they spooned afterwards, they spoke for the first time about what was going wrong with them. They decided to give it another go and decided with the right amount of time and care, it would be fine. For two months they tried until one day, The Spartan hurt Mia so much that she had to have stitches.

Then one night, Disappointed Dad threatened to kill Mia once again and she lost the plot and called the police. She had him arrested and her whole family turned against her. Within the space of an hour, she was homeless with no where to go. Not able to go to any of her family or seek any help from Vain Man, she slept rough for weeks on her friends couches and floors. She never once told The Spartan about what was going on and tried to get the council to help her but was unsuccessful. Soon, word spread round her extended family about what had happened and she couldn't take the pressure anymore.

As she sat in her friends apartment, she downed 20 Nurofens and a bottle of vodka. She couldn't cope anymore and didn't want to live. After all, she had nothing to live for...


Gorilla Bananas said...

Well it sounds as if you hit rock bottom there, Mia. I guess the only way to go was upwards after that. The Spartan reminds me of a bull elephant.

EmmaK said...

Darling, stitches! The Spartan's tool was obviously a very odd shape but kudos to you for trying. I hope that after this you did get a man who was more well suited to you~~

Auri said...

Just trying to make light of a tough situation but maybe TS ought to seek out a career in Porno with a 'talent' like that. Good lord girl... most of us have to wait to give birth to experience stitches in our nethers.
The fates are cruel bitches...