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Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Spartan vs Vain Man

Over the next two weeks, Mia and The Spartan saw each other every night, neither of them was working and so would sleep all day and then stay up together at night and stare out at the stars. They would take long walks around their town in the cold, holding hands like love sick teenagers, giggling away and eating ice cream. They would lie in bed and listen to chill out music surrounded by tea lights and make out.

For the first time in ages, Mia found herself opening up about her life without feeling awkward. She told him about her Disappointed Dad who had a habit of lashing out at her whenever they got into an argument. He told her how he used to be a nightmare growing up and was homeless for a while when his own dad kicked him out. Mia could tell that he had been troubled in the past but he had clearly got over whatever had happened and it had made him a stronger man because of it. They spoke about their last relationships and he showed her pictures of his ex. She hadn't treated him properly and in the end he had got sick of her and decided to end it.

Mia finally felt she had found her Greek King after all that ordeal with Vain Man. After a month of seeing each other, they slept together for the first time. Although it was obvious that The Spartan had wanted to happen earlier, he hadn’t pushed her into it but when it did happen, it wasn’t as great as they thought it would be and left them questioning why.

They put it down to first time nerves and felt that they would be fine with time but they soon realised that it wasn’t the case. The sexual chemistry between them was electric but they couldn't ignore the fact that physically they weren’t a right fit. Despite this, they continued with relationship as they were already involved emotionally.

Slowly Mia realised that this was a problem they wouldn’t be able to ignore. They soon went from seeing each other every day to only at the weekends. Then one day they just stopped texting each other. Mia started seeing Vain Man again and ended up moving in with him after Disappointed Dad caught them in the act. She continued to keep in touch with The Spartan and would see him out in the local club. On a few occasions, she would invite him home with her but they still had the same problems.

One night when she was out, she saw a girl she thought she recognised. She asked the girl where she knew her from and soon realised that she was The Spartan's ex girlfriend. Slightly under the influence, she asked her how he was and to tell him he had left his watch around her house.

The girl stormed off...Mia didn't know what she had done wrong.


Valerie said...

good cliffhanger! As always...really enjoy reading your work.

Ana from far away! said...

You should write a book... if there's no chemistry there´s no nothing... sucks. What else happened with the "ex-girlfriend"?

Gorilla Bananas said...

What a pity, the Spartan seemed like such a good fellow. His ex-girlfriend is obviously the jealous type...

EmmaK said...

Ooh I wish you wouldn't be so mysterious and would have spelt out exactly in what way Spartan did not hit the right notes.

Mia Dickinson said...

@Valerie - Thank you very much! Glad you've enjoyed reading it so far and continue to read it.

@Ana from far away! - The only problem was there was ALOT of chemistry it just didnt translate as well as it should have

@GB - His ex is a complete different story! Wait til you read about her

@ EmmaK - Spartan did hit the right notes Emma, just his tool was too big for tool belt

Trent said...

I know you don't end up with him but a girl can hope can't she! You are naughty... you knew that would piss the x off!!

Mia Dickinson said...

@Trent - you would think that wouldnt you but the plot thickens. Sometimes I like to mix it up and piss people's exs off. What can I say? I am bitch like that!