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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Mia Goes Abroad

The next morning, Mia left without seeing The Spartan. She felt sick as she got on the plane, not only was she leaving him behind but all her friends, a really good job that she loved and her family, whom she had finally made peace with. Everyone was really proud of her and although some had been hesitant about her going, they had come around to the idea. After 10 years of dreaming, she was about to fulfill her childhood dream and yet there was a sadness inside her, she couldn't control. She was scared about whether she would make new friends, fit into the culture and like her job.

The first few days flew bye, she had her job interview which was an adventure in itself (more on that later) she was hunting for a new apartment and trying to budget €80 for a whole month after spending her last paycheck on bikinis and cute shoes. After three days of being in the city and finally having everything in check, she called The Spartan. He was delighted to hear from her and had been missing her. They spoke for an hour and she told him how home sick she was already, she wanted to see him but knew that neither of them to afford to. The next morning, she woke up to find a text on her phone, saying that he had booked her a flight home so they could spend the weekend together. She spent the rest of the daydreaming and couldn't wait.

Leaving him for the second time was worse than the first time. She went back to Barcelona wondering yet again whether she had made the right move and considered moving back to London. She called him every day even though she couldn't afford to, spending the little money she had to buy bulk packs of pasta. She would spent the weekends alone in her flat while her flat mate was away, wishing The Spartan was with her and what they would do in the city. During the days, she would go to see Gaudi's work and feel the taste of sour lemons as she saw other couples, walking hand in hand. She would take pictures and send them to him, describing the history and what he saw, she would write him long love letters and tell him how much she missed him. She called him and asked if he would move out to Barcelona and be with him but all that changed one night in July when she met The Womanizer.

Soon she would fall into a vicious cycle that couldn't be broken by her or The Spartan and that would destroy her physically, emotionally and mentally.


ScoMan said...

I realised at the start I'd missed something but quickly caught up.

Sounds like a juicy, tragic tale.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Ohhh! Another character joins the play! Something tells me that this Womanizer will take a long time to wash out of your hair.

Mia Dickinson said...

@ScoMan - The saga that is my life continues babe! Glad uve caught up. Time for more Mia Madness!

@GB - Yes indeed, another character joins the play but remember, hes just a chapter, not the whole book!

Anonymous said...

whoa it just keeps gettin better n better.
keep writing. :)