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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Why did I do this again?

Back at the flat, they sat up for hours consuming drugs, drinking and talking. TW (and no surprise here) was relatively quite charming. His stories were incredibly interesting and even though he was ridiculously full of himself, Mia had warmed to him. At 10 am, after hours of talking, Mia gave him her number and went home.

Later that night, when he called and asked her what she was doing, she knew what he had in mind and after 10 months of celibacy with The Spartan, she was at the stage where if she didn’t do something about it now, she never would. She dressed and went to the flat. After a few hours of socialising with TW and his friends, they went off into the bedroom, where Mia found two used condom wrappers on the side table that hadn’t been there in the morning. Giggling to herself, Mia thought nothing of it.

Afterwards Mia passed out thinking the night had been a success…all well until she woke up to find TW hugging her tight, telling her that he loved and missed her. Embarrassed by the situation, Mia kissed him and rolled over. All of a sudden she wasn’t looking forward to the morning.

When morning arrived the mood between them had clearly changed. TW was banging on about having to meet his girlfriend and Mia was keen to get away. Both of them claiming they would contact each other; they left and went their separate ways.

A few days later, he called her again and asked her what she was doing. Having only recently moved to Barcelona, she hadn’t had much time to make new friends and decided to go over. Mia found herself in an awkward situation, whereas in England people didn’t introduce their fuck buddies to their friends, TW was doing exactly that. They carried on seeing each and despite the fact that he had a girlfriend, Mia would go over and spent the night. They would get drunk, hang out with his friends, consume drugs and fall asleep. In the morning they would chill out for a bit and go their separate ways. Then one day, all of a sudden, TW called Mia at half 7 in the morning. Slightly confused as to why he was ringing her so early, she went over there, expecting him to in the mood for some early morning sex but when she got there, she found it wasn’t the case.

He had friends from London over and wanted her to meet them. They sat there for hours talking and hanging out. Mia thought it was very odd behaviour but said nothing about it. She had been spending so much time over there that she did what she pleased, she would go have hour long baths while the boys chatted among themselves, she would cook them dinner, clean the flat and
TW would even leave her asleep in the morning when he needed to go out.

After only 3 weeks of seeing each other, Mia decided to go back to London for The Spartan’s birthday. Even though they had broken up, she wanted to see him as she was really homesick and just needed to see her friends.
The last night Mia and TW spent together, they got into their first argument. One of TW’s friends had come home drunk while she was alone waiting for him and tried to make a move on her. When she knocked him back, he threatened to hit her and made racist remarks and took the piss out of her, laughing at the fact that TW was around the corner on the phone to his girlfriend.

Mia sat in the living room and waited for TW to get back, she didn’t care that he had a girlfriend; she knew this from the beginning and was only using him to get over how she felt about The Spartan but she wasn’t happy about being picked on because of her race.

When TW got back, she told him that unless he did something about it, she would never see him again. He turned around and kicked his friend out, telling him not to come back. Later that night, he told her that there was no room for her in his life and in rage he spoke to her in a way she didn’t appreciate. She left the flat and texted him telling him if he spoke to her like that again, he would feel her wrath. There was no way she was letting another man walk all over her again…no way but then it seems some things never go to plan.


Auri said...

Good for you. Things like that should never be tolerated. Assholes like that seems to flock in groups unfortunately. Mia... TS needs a penis reduction...

Anonymous said...

Such an exciting adventure... looking forward to reading more of your stories & posts.

Gorilla Bananas said...

This womanizer has some dodgy friends, Mia. If only he could have done a willy-exchange with The Spartan.

Mia Dickinson said...

@Auri - I cant tolerate most things but racism isnt one of them! Lucky for me, TW feels the same way too but arseholes do flock in groups. It must be something about the scent.
TS does need a penis reduction...I hinted it a few times. Maybe we should market some kind of penis reduction gismo?

@Complication kitten - Thank you darling :)

@GB - Most of them were lovely, there was the odd bad apple but you win some, you lose some

Ana from far away! said...

What an asshole he was...

ScoMan said...

Sounds like he had some real doucebag friends. Good on you for making him do something about them.

He sounds like a bit of a tool himself though.