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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Fear and Loathing in Barcelona

Mia had always said that she would do any drug put in front of her so when Bambi told her that Derby Boy had got them acid, she couldn't wait.

The night started at Derby Boy´s house, the three of them were drinking and waiting for his house-mate to come home with the tabs. On arrival, they were told to take half a tab each as they were really strong and so the three of them did as they were told and waited for the trip to start. Twenty minutes later and none of them could feel a difference and so Mia and Derby Boy took another whole one and Bambi took another half. Mia´s mouth felt like cotton and she started to freak out think that she might be overdosing. After drinking five shots of tequila, they jumped into a cab and made their way to their favourite club Catwalk.

None of them knew what would happen when they started to trip, Mia was waiting for her eyes to start vibrating in her head, D.B was waiting for the numb feeling of Cocaine and Bambi was waiting for the rush of MDMA. On the way in the taxi, the three of them giggled for no reason. Inside they met up with the rest of their friends, none of them on any form of neurotics. Mia went slightly dead and the acid kicked in. Derby started to freak out and wanted to go home, the girls were enjoying themselves and told him to drink some alcohol thinking it would level him out like it normally does with Cocaine. As the trips started to get stronger, D.B freaked out even more. The girls took him to the downstairs smoking lounge, thinking it would calm him down. But being away from the loud music and bright lights didn't do him any good. Mia found herself attached to the yellow backdrop where the black paisley design kept moving in the different directions.Bambi tried to calm D.B down but he was in his own state and left the girls to go home.

When the girls returned upstairs, they were greeted by the oddest atmosphere. The music was louder than normal and Mia kept screaming really loud. All of a sudden everyone was really ugly and she couldn't understand why. Apart from her friends, everyone had distorted faces, people with long noses and small eyes. The girls saw a short fat guy and a tall skinny guy both dressed in clowns clothes and asked each other if they were really seeing the same thing. Strange things were happening and Mia was getting freaked out by an odd man who kept tapping on her shoulder all night and waving hello. She couldn´t figure out if she knew him or not.

In the toilet, the girls were mesmerized but the mirror ball on the wall, to Mia, it looked like rain and to Bambi, it looked like tears. Next came the camouflage Catwalk where everyone was wearing army clothes, the bass in the music sounded like helicopters flying above and the lights turned green. Then came aquamarine Catwalk, where she saw dolphins and other marine life floating around.

The girls continued dancing, the giggled and stared into space and experience life in a whole new way. For them, the night would getting any stranger even if they tried...this was Fear and Loathing Barcelona style.

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