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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Vain Man: When boredom leads you into trouble

Exactly a month after their first rendezvous, Mia found herself going through her phonebook. She wasn't necessarily looking for sex, she just wanted to get away from Angry Dad who was doing her nut in.

She finally came across VM's number and called him up asking if she could come over. A brave move seeing that she had been avoiding him since he came over and she had no clue where he lived. VM was unfortunately busy at a gig in Hammersmith but told Mia that she could come around when he got back if she wanted. With a sudden chance of sex on the cards, Mia went home and got ready.

When she met VM at the train station, he was drunk and covered in sweat. This is a smell Mia oddly finds very attractive. Finally in the warmth of his room Mia admired the decor. The walls were covered with posters of The Beatles, Small Faces, The Smiths, Kasabian. One side of the room was rows and rows of cd's and vinyl's. This room was a homage to the 60's and 70's, a new world that Mia had not been exposed to before. Her own father, Angry Dad had only just discovered Whitney Houston.

In true drunken fashion, VM didn't really know what he was doing and at one point bitch slapped Mia in the face with the condom when he was unsuccessfully trying to take it off. It goes without saying that it was another lame attempt to finally get some.

Where had all the chemistry gone?
Mia was debating whether to stay the night and sleep in VM's big strong arms or to go home...unsatisfied again

Mia stayed the night and woke up to be greeted by a gorgeous looking VM carrying warm croissants and sugary tea. She was not expecting this from him at all, she could get used to this and she did. Over the next 3 months, Mia would call VM up when she was drunk and needed some loving. She would go over, spent the night and in the morning leave. They had gotten into a nice comfortable pattern where they would pleasure each other and in between watch DVDs and talk.

Their friendship if they had any in the first place had completely changed, the more time they spent together, the more Mia admired him. He played the guitar and wrote songs. They talked about their broken relationships and where they were heading themselves. VM had decided he was going travelling around Asia for a month in July and Mia was pleased for him. The break up with Slutty Bitch had hit him hard and Mia could see that even months later he was still suffering.

As time passed on and they saw more of each other, they started to hang out rather than just met up only in the night when they were both drunk. Mia would come over and lie in bed while VM entertained her, introducing her to new types of music, comedy she had never heard of and places she had never been. Every time she would leave him, she would have a sinking feeling inside...she wasn't falling for him was she?


Gorilla Bananas said...

The condom bitch-slapping thing sounds like a pretty clever trick, even if he didn't intend it. We could have used that kind of talent in the circus I was in.

LynchMobMom said...

ha ha Mia I love you...hilarious.
Can't wait to hear what happens next
Keep it comin lady...


komal basraon said...

hey, thanks for the appreciation. Im new to blogging , and i'm so over my emo-punk-goth-dark poetry phase, so i am trying my hand at sarcastic humor. good to know that it works for some people :P

Tired Dad said...


Tiresome insomnia post just for you at my rubbish place.