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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Crisis Alert

Today I decided to self-diagnose myself with Bipolar Depression and when I say self-diagnose, I mean with the help of numerous Facebook applications. Let’s set the scene, its baking hot outside, I’m lucky enough to have the week for work yet all I can consume myself with is the thought of my ex. Now for the purpose of today’s blog, this man will stay nameless, purely for the reason that I have no intentions of giving him any pleasure of knowing that I’m still aching for him. I will however, clear the air by saying I am NOT writing about Vain Man. I’m sure many of you (especially Auri who it seems has grown a special annoyance towards VM) will be happy to know.

For once, this break up is not an issue about self-confidence and making me feel good. Too many times, it has been proven that this man still lusts for me. I know I look good, in fact I look better now than I did when I was with him, I just need to stop thinking about him

The ins and outs of the relationship are not important because this tale will be told at a later time. What is important is how I need to get over this bastard without feeling like there is a massive hole in my life when he’s not in it. After much consideration, endless happy hour cocktails and continuous perverted thoughts of every man that crosses me path, I have come to the conclusion I don’t want anything to do with him and I don’t want to be with him again. I didn’t like the woman he had made me become, I never loved him and don’t think I ever could.

So why is it so hard to get over him?

Is it because I know that he’s not good for me and I can never really have him? Or is it because at the end of the day, the power of lust and passion over a woman is stronger than love? How can I still be lusting over someone that I don’t really have a need for in my life?

Sick of hearing new of his daily dalliances, I’ve decided to move on with it and keep busy. Seeing that I still have another 5 days off work to sunbathe, shop and perve, I need hints, tips and anything else that might keep my mind occupied. What did you do to get over your last ex?

Do voodoo dolls really work? Maybe I should burn all his clothes I have and do some kind of rain dance? Any suggestions no matter how crazy or how stupid will help!


Gorilla Bananas said...

Maybe it's because he loved you, Mia. You liked being loved by this man-whore and feel betrayed when he turns to other women. Just think of the better man you'll surely end up with.

Insults said...

Maybe stay off Facebook and stuff till he's out of your system... I think it's because you know you won't end up with him and the security you get knowing you'll never get tied down with that one that you find appealling...maybe.

rookieblogger said...

Mia, I think I know exactly, or close to what you are going through. I am in the same boat and trying to get over an asshole myself. I wouldn't say that I didn't love him, cuz I did, atleast until I got to see him for who he really was. And even though I know he's isn't right for me, and that I could do so much better, his thoughts still haunt me. I am embarrassed to admit its been more than 4 months and there are days when I still find myself crying. What I have decided to do is completely cut him off from my life which is very hard for me cuz I work with this jack ass. It sucks that I could lust after someone who I know is not a good person, is a classic manipulator and did not care for me, ever. Anyways, keep strong, it will get better.. or atleast I hope so.

Mia Dickinson said...

@GB - I honestly don't believe it for one second that I was in love with his man because I know if I was, I would of fought what what I felt was right. I think my relationship with VM shows how much shit Im willing to put up with. Lol. I actually walked away from this man, on more than one occassion because I know he was no good.

@Insults - I think you hit the nail on the head. Its definately because I can't have him and I know he would be a challenge. Like a big taboo. I always seem to be attracted to the no gooders! lol

@Rookieblogger - That sounds awful babe. I think my problem was that I knew he was an arsehole from the beginning and thats what I found attractive. Yes, I know Im a bit of a freak. lol. I left town to get away from him but months later he just followed me there. Its now been 6 months since Ive seen or properly spoken to him. The last time was when I called him up on New Years Eve to wish him a Happy New Year. Im now avoiding all the places we used to bump into each other, deleted his number and don't talk to anyone that knows him. Its not easy. I still think about him when something reminds me of him but Im hoping like you said, it will get better. x

Johnny Hollywood said...

Mia, go find someone... someone whom you find very attractive. Spend time with that person, it will distract your thoughts off of your ex. It always works.

womaninblack said...

Go down the voodoo and burning route. Reduce him to ashes and bury his remains at a crossroad. Then hit on his friend.
I once set light to an ex's record collection in his new front garden. I was only 19, but I still remember the sweet, acrid smell of revenge. I had, of course, removed the more expensive records and sold them. Naturally.

Mia Dickinson said...

@Johnny Hollywood - Im working on it, the person is certainly helping to keep me distracted.

@womaninblack - I was thinking about writing the "C" word into his lawn. Sshh...he doesnt know but Ive already been there with his best friend. That was the first thing I did when we broke up! tut tut