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Monday, 25 May 2009

Who is Mia Dickinson?

Mia is a twenty-something year old living the not-so high life in London Town. Born to an African Indian mother and a father of Dutch and Portuguese descent, she indulges in scandalous behaviour at all times that shocks her family who spend most of their time trying to hide her shenanigans from the close nit Indian society they live in.

In between running around on 6 inch Jimmy Choos from her day job as a Personal Trainer to her own PR Company, she likes to keep busy by corrupting innocent 18 year olds, battling her addiction to badboys and the search for Mr. Right Now

Constantly trying to "find herself", Mia has committed every cardinal sin known to womankind and has no shame in admitting so. She spent 10 months living the dream in Barcelona where she re-discovered her love for cocaine, had her step father arrested for battering the living hell out of her and on the whole has no idea what or whom she's doing next.

Despite a loving family, amazing friends and a thriving work life, Mia spends most of her waking hours lusting over men - her own and others. Her stories are beyond belief and at times, she does wonder how she manages to get herself into these situations. A true believer in being the uber social whore and having as much fun as possible before she FINALLY settles down and becomes a not so desperate housewife.

She blogs every inch of her innocence away, hoping that one day when she is old and possibly alone with only the company of her cats, she can look back and laugh at the life she once led. Sometimes she writes her blog as a diary, telling you of her day in blow-by-blow accounts; at other times (like now) she writes in the third person. This normally occurs when she is in story telling mood and assembling material for her future autobiography. Then there's the days when Mia really doesn't have the energy or the mental capability to write anything readable and will just fire off an entry about herself so you can get to know her just a LITTLE bit better.On the whole, Mia writes to entertain herself, her close friends (most of whom are mentioned) and the random strangers that stumble across her page by mistake.

So pull up a pew, top up your glass, get comfortable and quench your thirst for some juicy antics.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Is this the start of something big? It must be if I'm here.

Rachel Noy said...

Running on killer Jimmy Choos? If that's not a reason to perk up my ears to you already, I'm not sure what is.

katyhelena said...

I love your style of writing! Very witty and enjoyable. I liked reading your other posts as well. I'll be by again.

Chel said...

I can relate (well, the me from a few years back can relate)and married, single, we all have the same feelings in our 20's, you just happen to have a fabulous backdrop in which to tell your story. Write on :)

shansPLC said...

OMG! I can't wait to see what unfolds...