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Thursday, 18 June 2009

If Only Every Girl Had A Man Like Vain Man

The next day, when Mia woke up, she had sleep in her eyes, a bottle of vodka in her hand and 32 missed calls on her phone. All of them were from VM. He had come to talk to her the night before but she hadn't answered the door and had left his stuff outside. She texted his mother and told he she wouldn't be coming over for Christmas and got back into bed.
At midday she decided to get changed and go shopping. Since she had no need to buy anyone presents, she would spend the whole lot on meaningless junk she later regret buying. She turned the corner onto the main road where she saw VM. He was sat on the steps wearing same clothes as the night before, holding a bunch of her favourite flowers (Purple Tulips if anyone ever feels the need to buy Mia flowers) and his bags between his legs.
She cried as she explained why she had stormed out and how it made her feel to be in love with someone who was too selfish to let her go. He finally admitted that he had slept with Slutty Bitch before he left to for Asia and that while he was away he realised how strongly he felt about Mia but was too confused as to what he should do. He was convinced that if they became a couple he would ruin it and their friendship would be over.
The both laid their hearts out on the table and VM wanted her to come home to his parents and spend Christmas like they had originally planned.
Mia left to go shopping for to get the presents for his family but before she managed to pay for her shopping, she bumped into an old colleague that worked with her and VM. They discussed their plans for the holiday and when asked what she was doing for Christmas, Mia proudly answered she was spending it with VM and his family.
"Oh how is he? Hows things going with his girlfriend?"
"What girlfriend?"
"The one from Earlsfield"
For the second time in less than 24 hours, Mia found herself kicking VM out of their flat. She was stupid for thinking she could trust him. Not only had he hurt her, he had betrayed her and made her look like a dickhead.
She texted his mother and apologized again, telling her to ask her son for an explanation and with that she found a bottle of tequila and wished herself a merry fucking Christmas.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Vain Man does seem a bit confused about what a girlfriend is. Not the girl he wants to spend Christmas with and fuck in his bedroom, but some other girl in Earlsfield. Yes, he's very confused...

sabrina said...

Ooh what kinda vodka luv? Me likey the raspberry one very much!

Mia Dickinson said...

GB - Its okay. Mia sometimes got confused as to what being faithful was. Maybe this girl in Earlsfield should of been picking up his soiled boxers instead of Mia

Sabrina - Thought we were off the alcohol for a while love? Who knows? It was alcohol. Mia doesnt remember what flavour it was but shes sure it tasted better than Vain Man

LynchMobMom said...

You are a stronger woman than I mia....