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Friday, 4 September 2009

Drama is my middle name

Mia has been quite absent from the blogger world recently, why? I hear you ask yourself...what happened to her? Nothing. She has just been finding it very hard to concentrate on writing and couldnt decide in which direction to go to next. You see, drama follows Mia wherever she goes and before where shes buzzed off the drama, she is now sick of it and wants to quit all of it. Currently so much is going on in her life and yet nothing is happening at all. She is refusing to open up too much about her relationship with The Russian purely on the basis that a few people in town (mostly The Womanizer - does that man ever quit) have tried to break them up already and although it has been merely a month, Mia has a very soft spot for her man and doesnt wish to ruin things.

This week has been especially challenging for Mia. For the last 3 weeks, she has been dealing with constant issues with her throat and has been unable to get rid of an awful cough. Her immune system has been weakened after years of drug abuse and working two jobs leaving her only 6 hours to herself has been driving her mad. As much as she is enjoying life for once, walking around with a big smile on her face that cant be wiped off, she has avoided going home. You see Mia moved in with a girl that used to see her best friend Chris. Chris passed away suddenly in April this year and when Mia came back to Barcelona, she offered comfort to this girl but what Mia didnt know was this girl was Manic Depressant. After all the trials and tribunals of last year and being homeless for 2/3 of it, Mia wanted to live with someone she knew so when MDG said that she had a free room, Mia jumped at the chance. The flat was in an amazing location, a 10 minute way from the beach, the clubs and the center of the city. Inside, it was clean, fresh and modern. One of the most stunning places she had seen in Barcelona. The rent was cheap and it finally gave her the freedom of living her life without worrying about any uncertainities. The first two weeks were a dream, Mia´s best friend from Sweden had come over and they were partying all the time but then all of a sudden, Mia was involved in a hit and run and had to stay at home for a week. Determined not to be confined to her flat for the whole time her friend was here, she rested during the days and (carefully) partied during the evenings. It meant that she was seeing less of MDG which she didnt think would be a problem...but it was.

First came the constant chating on Facebook Chat, the odd emails asking Mia if she was missing her. Then came the texts demanding to know where shes was and when she was coming home. MDG refused to eat unless Mia was at home and cooked. Mia started to feel a little bit confused by this behaviour. Whenever Mia took MDG she would complain and throw a strop like a child, not the 31 year old woman she was. Mia spoke to other friends that knew her and they all told her that her Brazilian housemate was insane and needed help. Then came the drug abuse, MDG would randomly disappear in the late evening and come home in the early hours, usually with one of The Womanizer´s friends and shag him on the sofa. One night, Mia has enough when she walked into the living room in need of the toilet and saw two figures at it on the sofa.

Mia tried to understand, MDG was struggling with Chris´death and Mia felt that she had a duty to uphold but she was wondering how much more she could put with...only time will tell


Gorilla Bananas said...

You seem to attract nutters like moths to a flame. And it doesn't surprise me that the Womaniser wants what he can't have. Someone from the Russian mafia should have a word with him.

Mia Dickinson said...

@GB - Someone from the Russian mafia did have a word with him last year but thats another story to tell another time! I dont know where these nutters come from...I must have a label on my forehead