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Monday, 7 September 2009

Drama is my middle name pt 2

Mia had been enjoying life apart from the stalker like housemate, she had decided to detach herself from the situation. Weekdays were spent working two jobs and weekends were spent with The Russian. The small moments of quietness they shared was exactly what Mia had been longing for.

One weekend when Mia knew MDG was going to Costa Brava, she took The Russian home. For two days they sat in their own love nest until MDG came home early and ruined the party. Instead of letting them be, she said an argument with Mia that caused her to get upset. You see, Mia had bought 100e worth of food which she cooked for both of them while she was under the impression that MDG would pay for half since she cant cook. Then when it came to going shopping again, MDG went by herself and only bought food for 2 days and not for Mia as well. The day before she went to Costa Brava, the two girls went shopping together and bought food which was paid by MDG. Mia thought it was fair that this happened since the bill only came to 20e. While she was away, Mia cooked dinner for herself and The Russian only using half of the ingredients that had bought. Back on arrival, MDG, more than likely being pissed off at seeing someone else happy hit the roof.

Finally after handing her 50e Mia and The Russian went to bed to avoid anymore arguments, it was another 4 days before the girls say each other and when they did, MDG was in the living room crying. Mia wanted to comfort her but as she did, MDG threw a plate on the floor and Mia realised it wasnt worth the hassel.

Later that weekend, after a long night at work, Mia came home at 2am to have a shower and get ready to meet The Russian. When she walked thru the door, she saw a naked MDG on the living room sofa, drunk and stoned. Confused as to what she should do, Mia decided to leave it and went out. When she finally came home, at midday on Sunday, MDG was still on the sofa, hoping that she would retire to her bedroom, Mia was annoyed that she decided to stay with the couple in the living room. Mia was drunk and she had had her first fight with The Russian which led to her crying. She really wanted some alone time and tried to get the point across. After 3 hours of listening to MDG´s drunken rants, they went to bed. When they awoke at 10pm, she was gone and the couple settled down, ate dinner and watched TV before heading back to bed at 1 am. MDG came home drunk at half 4 and woke Mia and The Russian up by banging on their bedroom door loudly. Slightly panicking that something must be wrong, Mia stumbled into the living room to find a naked MDG throwing furniture around because there was no bottled water in the fridge. Confused at why it was her problem, Mia handed her 5e and went back to bed.

For the next few days, Mia avoided MDG and came home late after she knew that she would be in bed. Mia was confused as to whether she should stay in the apartment or move out, MDG woke Mia up at6am on the day the rent needed to be paid and started screaming at her. If its one thing Mia hates, its been woken up. When she finally woke up later that morning, Mia couldnt decide whether she wanted to pay another months rent and stay in the apartment, she went to help her photographer friend on a photoshoot and spoke to her boss. Still uncertain, she was enraged by the endless abusive messages and constant phone calls from MDG.

After two hours of avoiding all contact, Mia was shocked when she received a voicemail saying MDG had changed the locks and Mia had until 11pm to come back and pick her clothes up and move apartments. It was all Mia needed, some more unstability in her life.

Unsure of what to do, Mia went back to the photographer's house and stayed the night, planning to go back to the apartment when she had calmed down in the morning but when she did, she realised that MDG had changed the locks. After calling Bambi in Ibiza, Mia decided to borrow a ladder from the corner shop and break the front window and get her stuff back. Not only was she going to get her stuff back, she was also going to trash the place and show the bitch. Unfortunately, the ladder was too short and as Mia was walking back to return the ladder, MDG walked up to her and realised what Mia was planning to do.

After a good 10 minute bitch fest in the street, MDG finally let Mia in the flat where she packed her stuff and left. It took all her strength to stop herself from MDG, Mia was tempted to floor her after she had all her stuff out but decided against it...she had better plans for MDG.

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