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Sunday, 13 September 2009

This is now...that was then pt 1

Mia has been struggling with what to write about...you see, she´s already told you about her love for toxic men who drive her to insanity with the urge of intense passion and she left it with the story of The Womanizer. She could not go back to being in London for a few months and tell you how she dealt with being constantly depressed, couldnt get out of bed and finally ruined whatever was left of her relationship with The Spartan but to understand where she is now, you have to know what happened before.

This is the story of Mia.

Mia had an awakard childhood, her parents divorced before she was born and her mother never told her father that she was pregnant, instead she married a man who never accepted Mia as his own daughter. Her older brother was sent to live with her biological father, both of whom she didnt meet until she was 17. Memories of Mia´s early childhood are sweet, her maternal grandmother brought her up while both parents were at work. Mia was a naughty child, constantly running away, causing havoc and never listening to elders, somethings havent changed to this day. It was only when Mia reached the age of puberty that things really changed. Her step-father started to punish her for the smallest things, first came the constant shouting, then the military style movements, making her stand crouched down, holding her ears through her legs, giving pain through out her body and finally the beating. The beatings were the worse and only ended two years ago when she woke up one day and realised that he would kill her unless he had her arrested.

Mia hated the way she was treated at home by her father and stopped eating. Now as a young woman she has realised that this was the only way she could control her life. After constantly being told she was ugly, she seeked comfort in tracksuit bottoms and baggy t-shirts. She spent hours in the local park, playing football and trying to become one of the boys. At school she was teased for having a hairy upper lip, something that constantly troubled her and meant everyone would laugh and point at her and although some of the boys were close friends to her, she never once had a boy interested in her.

As she grew older and into her teenage years, she persuaded her mum to try and help improve the situation and get rid of her hairy lip and buy some girly clothes but that didnt work. She coudnt get rid of the image everyone had of her. The beatings got worse, Mia made stories up of how she had been in fights in the local park to cover up what was going on at home. She grew more and more angry and would start fights with anyone she could at school. She was more and more troubled and felt no love in her life.

Her parents marriage was in pieces after her father was made redudant and her mother found out that he was having an affair with another woman that he worked with. An affair which 18 years on is still continuing and Mia is finding it hard to accept the actions of both her parents and has realised that affects her relationships to this day. Instead of finding another job, her father decided to sit at home and play with her mother´s hard earned cash on the stock markets. At this point in their life, Mia´s mother had a stable, well paying job that provided for the whole family and neither Mia or her brothers ever felt like they were in any financial trouble but whenever her father would lose the money, he would kick off and make a very public scene and Mia´s mother would finally give in. The end result was Mia´s mother having to give in and re-mortaging the house and finally selling it so they could make ends meet.

A week before Mia´s 16th birthday, they moved an hour away to a nice, white, middle class area away from anyone they knew and down the road from Mia´s brothers´ public school. Mia was to start college in September and her Godfather had said he would pay for her brother to go school until he was 18. Mia made the mistake of thing that moving to a new area would be a fresh new start...but the move only just made things worse and there would be no more stability in her life for a while.


Nic said...

Wow. That's intense.

sabrina said...

I'm so sorry you had to go thru all that dear. But these things only make us so much stronger...i speak from personal experince

Hope things look up soon *hugs*

Gorilla Bananas said...

That's a tough start, Mia. I'm glad you became a survivor rather than a victim.

Mia Dickinson said...

Im still trying to figure out whether Im a survivor or not. Just because Ive made it this far doesnt mean that its made it any easier. I guess only time will tell!

sentenced_for_life said...

if u put a potato in a grinder, it gets mashed.

if u put a stone in a grinder, the grinder breaks.

but both get though it.

only u can know whether u r a stone or a potato...