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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

This is now, that was then pt 2

Mia moved to a whole new neighbourhood and couldnt wait to start her new life. At college, she was a whole new person, no one knew her as the tomboy from college. At 16, she was 3 years younger than all of her friends and it wasnt long before she was spending all her time in the local pub. She liked the new freedom she had, although her parents kept tabs on where she went, she realised that between the hours of 9 and 6, she could do whatever she wanted.

She started drinking, normally from 11am until 5pm, when she had to leave and get the bus home. For 6 months, she hid the fact she wasnt going to college from her parents. It wasnt like school anymore and she didnt HAVE to go in, the teachers never harassed her and in some of her lessons, she would go in drunk. In fact, she was drunk in most of her ICT lesson and actually made more sense than when she was sober. She started smoking, possibly to despite her parents and to annoy her father who also smoked.

Until this point, she had never had any guys show interest in her but now, men were coming from left, right and center. She didnt tell anyone she was still a virgin, she hadnt even kissed a boy and went along with stories of pure filth that made everyone think she was some kind of Sex Goddess. Soon came the time when everyone started to fool around with each other and Mia, being at that age she was, wanted to lose her virginity and get it over and done with.

Earlier in the year, she had stopped a tall, blonde, blue eyed boy in the street and exchanged numbers, months later, they bumped into each other and began drinking in the same pub. The boy was a douchebag but Mia soon started to feel stronger for him than any of the others in the group. They would hang out together but he had other things in mind and would constantly be hooking up with other girls. Confused by his actions, Mia decided to go out with his best friend, The Only Indian In The Village. He was not a good looking boy but gave Mia some form of comfort and security. He worked full time as well as studied, although he did the studying less than often and gave Mia her own credit card.

Soon her parents caught wind of what was going on and contacted her college tutor to find out what was happened, when he informed her that she had been skipping college, her parents had her followed for 2 weeks to find out what was really happening. One evening, Mia's father took her mobile phone, her passport and her bank card and told her she was not going to college again. She was housebound and he beat her up so bad that she couldnt walk up the stairs. The next morning, she woke up to be told that she would be driven into college, where she would empty out her locker and inform her tutors she would be returning.

Inside the college, she found one of her friends, whom she persuaded to help her sneek out the back entrance and so she ran, to The Only Indian In The Village's work and told him what happened. For the rest of the day, she hid from her parents and stayed at a friends house trying to figure out what to do with her life. Her parents had contacted the local police saying she had been kidnapped by some guy she knew and they were worried about her and so the next day she had to return to the police station and meet her parents.

Inside the station, her mother whisped to her in Hindi that if she didnt go along with the fact that everything was okay at home, the authorities would put her into a foster home and she wouldnt have anyone left in the world that cared about her. Mia was scared, she didnt want to be alone. She just didnt want to feel like a prison in her own home. She wanted her mother to open her eyes to her father's cheating, lies and violent beatings towards her. She wanted her father to stop being such a bastard and learn to love her but most of all, Mia just wanted to be happy but then again, you cant always have what you want and she was going to learn the hard way...

The biggest bombshell of her life was going to rock her to her very soul.


Nic said...

I used to skip college and turn up drunk as well!

You've had a crazy life so far...you should publish an autobiography.

sabrina said...

I agree....you should definitely publish!!!

p/s : Being a new reader i'm a little clueless but....you understand Hindi?

Mia Dickinson said...

@Nic - I know! Its hard to believe that I am only in my mid 20s! I would definately get published. I just have NO idea how to do it! lol

@Sabrina - Yes I do darling but only if you write it in English. I havent been able to read Hindi since I was a kid