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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Whose the daddy?

Mia was having trouble at home, she didnt want to live there anymore but wasnt stable enough to manage by herself. Although at first The Only Indian In The Village had been there for her, their relationship soon turned sour and one morning Mia decided to end their relationship. It was then that she called his best friend whom she had grown close to for comfort. She had also had a thing for him and they decided to meet up the next day.

Mia wasnt sure what she was doing but somehow ended up in London's Bushy Park. In the midst of tears and angry, she found herself losing her virginity to the man she had wanted for so long. In retrospect, Mia laughs at the thought of losing it in one of the Royal Parks in front of a deer but it only lasted 3 seconds and was memorial for all the wrong reasons. Clearly, not prepared for it, they didnt use any protection and on the way home, Mia freaked out and went on the hunt for the morning after pill. Those days, it was still two pills and Mia took one and hide the other and went back out again to tell her best friend about her day.

A few days later, she went out with Virginity Boy and got so drunk she didnt make it home, scared at the reaction of her parents, she decided not to go home at all and her mother along with her Godmother went through her room and found the morning after pill. When Mia finally came home after a week of sleeping on friends floors, she was confronted by her whole family who decided that she was to quit college and stop going to the town all together where she was studying. Her phone was confiscated and she wasnt allowed to go anywhere unless there was a family member with her.

Mia was pissed off and fed up with her family controlling her life all the time, she decided to finally get her own back and went through her parents paper work while they were away, there had to be some dirt somewhere and she was planning on using it against them but what she found out was something she didnt know how to deal with...

Not only had her mother been previously married, Mia had a biological brother and was a whole year older than she thought she was.


Nic said...

In one of the royal parks in front of a deer...lol.

My first time was shit too. But not funny shit, just shit.

Ooh, a secret brother! This is getting like a soap opera! You should be in Eastenders, haha :)

Samadrita said...

Wow a secret biological brother.This is starting to sound like the 90210 show. :P
On a more serious note all these stories are from your real life right?

Wez said...

Oh my! I was lucky to have a good 'first time'...
You need to look up that biological brother of yours. And did you confront your mum with all the 'findings'?

Your life sounds exciting though... :)

Kate said...

Oh just discovered this blog.... looks very intriguing!

Kate x

Mia Dickinson said...

@Nic - It wasnt the most planned situation really. Deers...lol, you need to hear the story about how I had sex on a cow

@Samadrita - I never watched 90210 but I can imagine it would be similiar and yes (un)*fortunately all these stories are actually true

*delete as applicable

@Wez - Only time will tell...read on and you will see!

@Kate - Thanks Kate