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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

The next morning, Mia woke up to 103 missed calls from a private number. She had no idea who had been calling her so much and soon realised it was Recurring Problem, The Spartan's ex girlfriend by the abusive voicemail. She called him and asked him what was going on but he was too frustrated with her to talk things there peacefully. It turned out that while they had stopped seeing each other, he had decided to try and work things out with RP and had bought her a commitment ring. He hadn't told her about Mia and she had no clue who she was, that was until Mia made a funny comment about the size of The Spartan wang, which made RP question who she was. The conclusion of the ordeal was that RP was fuming and wanted to kick Mia's ass.
Mia told The Spartan she was sorry and promised him that she hadn't done it on purpose, she deleted his number and carried on her relationship with Vain Man. She didn't hear from The Spartan again until two months later. It just so happened to be the night that Vain Man had proposed to her while they were out drinking. As an excited Mia texted everyone in her phone book about her shocking engagement, she sat in VM's lap and together they read the congratulating texts together. Apart from one text, which when Mia opened, she realised it was from The Spartan. She tried to hide the phone from VM but it was obvious he had seen it, she had lied to him about sleeping with The Spartan and now his suggestive text had unfolded her secret. She texted The Spartan back and told him to delete her number and never to contact her again, she wanted to prove to VM that they were meant to be together and stopped going out where she knew TS used to hang out.
Mia and The Spartan never bumped into each other and contacted one another again...until the night Mia broke up with VM. Lost, confused and teary eyed, she found his number in her old phone. As the phone rang and she waited for him to answer, she wondered what she was going to say to him.
Was she making a mistake or did she just need comfort?


Gorilla Bananas said...

Some women are so possessive about their ex-boyfriend's wangs. You should have asked her if she had a big cunt.

Ana from far away! said...

The typical mistake we all do... call the exboyfriend when we are sad or drunk...

Mia Dickinson said...

@GB - I didnt need to ask her that. I knew from his size that she must do! After 2 and a bit something years, I can imagine it would be japing somewhat.

@Ana - we've all been there, yet everytime you get sad or drunk, theres always one you want to call up and hes normally the one you should be staying away from. lol

Auri said...

Drives me crazy when ex girlfriends can't get the 'ex' part through their thick skulls! Grr!

Mia Dickinson said...

@Auri - Some ex's are worth the trouble. Trust me...lol